DC Filene's Basement: good selection of suits (25% off sale), sportscoats, ties

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by thinman, Jun 16, 2006.

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    The Filene's Basement on Connecticut Ave. in Washington DC is having a 25% off suit sale until Sunday. I have a vague recollection that this has been posted already, but a search didn't bring it up. Regardless, I wanted to post because I'm in DC, so I stopped to look earlier this evening and was very impressed by the selection. They have the usual large range of Oxxford and some HF suits, but I also found two Belvest suits and one Vestimenta in my (very rare) size alone. In addition, I found about 5-6 Canali sportscoats in my size. They also have a larger than usual selection of Brooks Brothers ties. Although the ties are irregulars, they are in much better shape than the selection I typically see at Marshalls. In fact, I couldn't detect the flaw in most of the BB ties I saw. Anyone in the area might want to stop in for a look.

    Although it can be hard to find RTW suits in my size, I decided to forgo the Belvest suits (made for Louis Boston) since I recently bought 3 suits and the Belvest suits both had minor issues (one had shoulders that were too soft for me and the other was a slightly too dark charcoal). The Vestimenta's shoulders were also too soft and didn't flatter me. Unless I find an absolutely fantastic deal, I've decided that I'd rather save the money and commission a suit from a very good tailor I've found in La Jolla (thanks Full Canvas). Although I really need sportscoats, with one exception the Canali sportscoats in my size are 3-button and don't look good on me. The exception is very similar to a coat that I own, so I ended up buying no sportscoats either. Instead, I bought only 3 ties.

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