Danish Royal Family Portrait

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    Interesting. It's different, yes, but I don't think it's that creepy. There are certain symbols in portraits like this. For example, the wives of the (what I presume to be) sons of the family are looking at their children, as that is their role in the family. I think the only ones who are looking directly ahead at the viewer are probably the more important members of the family. The little one in the front is possibly the heir to the throne, thus showing his importance relative to the others. This is all total speculation (ie talking shite) on my part, but its too bad the article didn't at least get some kind of information as to WHY they chose this type of portrait. Yeah, let's just point and laugh instead.

    It also kinda looks like a movie poster...
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    It looks like a movie poster for an Addams family movie, yes. The lighting and poses make it look somewhat creepy.

    The older folks in the center are king and queen, top left is the crown prince and his wife, top right the second son and his wife. The kid front and center is the oldest son of the crown prince, so second in line to the throne. His sister is the demon possessed girl in the bottom left. The ones in the bottom right are the sons of the second prince from his first marriage. It's all explained in the article if you want the names.

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