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Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban Sunglasses Weight

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by benn25, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. benn25

    benn25 Senior member

    Jun 21, 2014
    This is an extension of the thread 'Vintage Ray-Ban Expert'

    Here you can find the weight of vintage B&L sunglasses to further confirm their authenticity if you are a collector or owner.

    I guess a few rules need to be applied to keep the wolves at bay.

    Rule 1: Only Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban sunglasses allowed. Sorry to all those Luxottica enthusiasts but if your names not down you're not coming in. Other B&L variants will be considered.

    Rule 2: Please make sure you have exhausted all possibilities that what you possess is authentic B&L. If you have doubts head over to Vintage Ray-Ban Expert for more help. Confirm and then you can add your weight here.

    Rule 3: When adding to the database please check that the model has not already been added. If it hasnt then please insert the following in this order as it will make it easier for people to locate in the search function:

    MODEL NUMBER (if it has one.......W1234)
    MODEL NAME (Aviator Tortuga, Wayfarer, Aviator GF 12K, etc)
    SIZE (if it has one......62[ ]14)
    LENS BRANDED (is it etched)

    Rule 4: All weights must be in grams please. If you insist in using Lbs and Oz please convert to grams and record also.

    Rule 5: If you have a weight that is dramatically different to one thats already in the database then say so as the original may be wrong. We can then look into it further and either correct the mistake or add the new weight with further evidence.

    Rule 6: Sorry to be tough but this is a database not a mothers meeting. So any questions, like "how much are these worth?" or "can someone help with more info about a pair I got from my dads, aunties, boyfriends dog" should be asked in the vintage ray ban expert thread

    Rule 7: Anything else that clogs up the thread unnecessarily will kindly asked to be removed.

    Being that not all things are created equally, a disclaimer should be inserted, whereby, the weights you see will be an approximation and will only give you an idea of what the weight should be.

    Remember this database is only for weights, so if you have doubts about the authenticity, which includes other signs, eg, correct etching or other marks and you're still not convinced, head over to the vintage ray ban expert and Im sure somebody would be kind enough to help you out.

    Other than whats been said already, we hope the following database serves you well and thanks for your input. It is appreciated. [​IMG]
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2014
  2. mmafia1

    mmafia1 Senior member

    Aug 6, 2013
    Realised I had scales here and a little bit of time.
    All are BL Etched in the usual position unless otherwise stated
    ODM - Outdoorsman
    LM - Large Metal
    As you can see most of mine are aviators!
    All acurate to within 1g

    Wayfarer Street Neat Gold 47g

    Wayfarer Max W1270 51g

    Aviator LM Ostrich Skin Changeable 58mm 36g

    Driving Series ODM 58mm 36g

    Driving Series Leather ODM 58mm 37g

    Chromax LM Gold W1661 58mm 33g

    Chromax LM Black W1662 58mm 33g

    Chromax ODM W1663 58mm 35g

    The General Block Writing 58mm 41g

    ODM Diamond Hard wire arms 58mm 42g

    1970'S LM Ambermatic 58mm Horizontal BL 35g

    ODM Tortuga 58mm 36g

    Precious Metals Masterpiece 58mm 36g

    Precious Metals Titanium Platinum 62mm 38g

    Aviator LM L2823 58mm 35g

    Aviator LM Grey G15 58mm 35g

    Aviator LM Tortuga 58mm 36g

    Aviator LM Green G15 58mm 35g

    Aviator LM Flying Colors Apricot 58mm 35g

    Aviator LM Flying Colors White 58mm 35g

    1970's ODM Leather Horizontal BL Etched 58mm 37g

    1970's Aviator LM Top BL Etch Changeable 58mm 35g

    1970's Aviator LM Top BL Etch 58mm 35g

    1960's Wire arm ODM 58mm not BL Etched 37g

    c 1950's/60's UK Made Aviator LM 58mm 1/10 12ct GF not BL Etched 34g
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2014
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  3. benn25

    benn25 Senior member

    Jun 21, 2014
    Some of mine. All in grams. Etched unless otherwise stated:

    W1345 Arista Classic Collection - 33.5

    W2307 Orbs Ellipse - 38.5

    W1744 Gatsby DLX Style 1 - 34.4

    W1523 Gatsby Style 8 - 37.8

    W1118 Olympic Series Sport Style 1 (incl. head strap) - 47.7

    W0804 Onyx - 55.3

    W0792 Onyx - 53.9

    W0806 Onyx - 54.3

    W1513 CATS 3000 - 35.9

    W0345 CATS - 46.0

    Traditionals Style A - 44.2

    Traditionals Style E1 - 44.2

    Wayfarer 2 Ebony - 50.9

    L1725 Wayfarer 2 - 52.9

    W0493 Wayfarer 2 Street Neat - 51.4

    W1089 Wayfarer 2 Mosaic - 53.0

    W1090 Wayfarer 2 Mosaic - 53.0

    W1091 Wayfarer 2 Mosaic - 53.0

    Wayfarer 5022 - 49.0

    Wayfarer 5024 - 49.0

    W1442 Wayfarer - 49.8

    Wayfarer Colours - 47.6

    Wayfarer Frost - 52.5

    W1217 Wayfarer II - 54.9

    W0670 Folding Wayfarer - 37.4

    1970s Aviator Black Metal 58mm - 35.6

    L2846 Aviator 62mm - 40.2

    Kalichrome Bullet Hole Shooter (no etching) - 41.2

    Blue Nylon G15 Aviator - 40.5

    Gibby - 59.9

    L1581 Style 47 - 47.5

    Caribbeans Golden Plaid - 36.4

    W0365 Clubmaster - 40.0

    W0756 Silver Nuevo - 51.8

    Z0492 Myarra - 42.7

    Naturals Style 36 - 50.1

    W1437 Innerview - 43.0

    W2190 Sidestreet - 34.0

    W2108 Sidestreet - 27.4

    1940s Safety Glasses 48mm - 50.4

    Tamarin - 49.9

    W1532 Deco Metals - 27.7

    G15 Clip On 50mm - 21.8

    W1558 i's - 43.1

    W0847 i's - 36.1

    W2827 Undercurrent Metal Square - 42.2

    W0868 Traditionals Premier E - 44.1

    W2551 Rituals - 29.0

    Pasha - 55.8
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2014
  4. Don Arif

    Don Arif Active Member

    Jul 25, 2014
    Hi All,

    Thanks for inviting for a new threat..just to ask regarding the weight of all rayban BL.
    1- Guys, is there any specifics numbers of weight of every rayban Bl model?
    2-If i have Precious Metals Masterpiece 58mm, that means the weight must be accurate with mmafia1 ???
    (Precious Metals Masterpiece 58mm 36g)?

  5. oosterling

    oosterling Senior member

    Jul 31, 2014
    nice job.

    didnt had time yet to weigh mine. busy weekend.
    beautiful collection guys.
  6. benn25

    benn25 Senior member

    Jun 21, 2014
    No worries Don. Im guessing all models should be pretty accurate within 1g of each other.
    Already its helped me with a pair I have, which I always felt were a bit dodgy but it had all the correct markings, however, its 8 grams lighter, which is a hell of a lot. Wish I had the database for reference when I first bought them so I could send them back. Nevermind. Thankfully it didnt cost the earth. Off to sunglasses prison for fraud they go.
  7. mmafia1

    mmafia1 Senior member

    Aug 6, 2013

    Yeah agree with Benn if they are 58mm they should be pretty much the same weight + or - 1g.
    Not 100% sure I know what you mean in the first question? But if you mean do all B&L ray ban have some sort of number marking, then no. If that's the wrong question then let me know!
  8. benn25

    benn25 Senior member

    Jun 21, 2014
    W1088 Wayfarer Mosaic - 48.9

    W0842 i's (no etch) - 37.7

    5022 Yellow Tortoiseshell Wayfarer - 49.7

    5022 Frost Wayfarer w/ Fantasee Lens - 43.2

    W1899 Celebrities - 37.6
  9. benn25

    benn25 Senior member

    Jun 21, 2014
    Etched unless otherwise stated. In grams.

    W1483 Clubmaster Yellow Tortoiseshell Square - 38.9

    W1266 Clubmaster Ebony Oval - 40.0

    W0852 i's (no etch) - 30.7

    W0836 i's (no etch) - 31.0

    B&L Goggs (no etch) - 30.8

    W0386 Signet Gold - 41.5

    W0375 Clubmaster Blue - 39.7

    W0345 Cherry Traditionals Round - 46.0

    Cats Style C Clear - 42.1

    Wings Gold (No sweat bar) - 28.5
  10. George87

    George87 New Member

    Nov 3, 2016
    Hey,i am new here and i just have a very specific question about a pair of Ray Ban's made by Bausch&Lomb that i bought a couple of days ago from ebay.
    The model is "Signet" 52-19 W0386 (Gold) and the thing that bugs me to death is that i couldn't find "U.S.A" engraved anywhere on the frames and temples.
    My question is:Is that normal?
    Ive searched every site and forum ,ive inspected every Ray Ban W0386 out therd and all of them seem to have the "U.S.A" engraved either on bridge,temples or both.
    I will be MORE than thankful if somebody could help me.
  11. benn25

    benn25 Senior member

    Jun 21, 2014
    Go over to 'Vintage Ray-Ban Expert' thread and throw up your query on there. Link is at top of this thread. Put up a picture aswell of the glasses and bridge. You may have an early pair. See you over there. :)

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