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shoe care

  1. DKSpurs

    Shoe trees vs boot trees

    Looking for thoughts on shoe trees vs boot trees. I’m leaning towards getting some boot trees for my growing repertoire of boots but I want some insight into how much more a boot tree would do for a boot as compared to a shoe tree. I know some deals that often run in shoe trees, but am...
  2. A

    Allen Edmonds: Leather Lotion vs. Speed Polish?

    Hey all :) I have a brand new pair of Allen Edmonds, and I was wondering whether I should use the leather lotion or speed polish or both before wearing it for the first time outside. Also, I have both the horsehair shine brush and the cotton flannel polishing cloth, and I was wondering which...
  3. Bozwick

    Burnt Hender Schemes

    I think i ruined my shoes.. i tried ironing the toe box to restore the shape, have had no problems on other shoes with this, but the heat seems to have burnt the leather on these sweet hender schemes. What to do? Anyone think its possible to lighten the discoloration? Should i try to even out...
  4. S

    Advice please: mould on leather shoe soles

    I’d be very grateful for some advice please. Very sadly the soles of several of my leather goodyear welted shoes have been afflicted by mould. I’ve searched several threads but am struggling to identify some conclusive advice. I appreciate there may be little I can do however it would be a very...
  5. BrettCo124

    Expensive shoes + Weather + Daily Use Question

    Hey everybody, This is my first post on this forum. First off, thank you so much for having me here. I’m eager to learn more about style and absorb your wealth of knowledge, and one day hope to be able to contribute back to the community. My question is, I just purchased an expensive pair of...
  6. E

    WARNING! Wooden Shoe Trees Damaged My Pairs of Shoes

    A cautionary tale and a proposal for a more specific way of using of shoe trees... I have always loved leather shoes, from when I was a small child and my pairs would only cost 50-100USD, to now when my pairs go higher than 1000USD. When I started buying these expensive shoes, I read about shoe...
  7. J_Peterman

    Outsole Care/General Questions

    Hey all, Just curious if you treat your leather outsoles. I have used wax polish, saphir sole guard, conditioner, sno-seal..etc. I just wanted to see if you guys did anything for your leather outsoles. Also, I recently dyed a pair of the bottom of my outsoles Navy and then sealed them with...
  8. wsupjs


  9. H

    Shoe cream and wax recommendation for Barker Alfred Brown?

    I recently bought this pair of brogues from ebay: Sorry I am quite a newbie to the world of leather shoes. I am considering getting Wren's neutral transparent cream on amazon. As for the wax I am considering getting barkers wax, however I am confused of what colour to buy, because the shoe...
  10. suitforcourt

    2018 shoe revival challenge

    I have been a member of SF for a number of years now. My one particular interest is vintage shoes. Thanks to @davidVC and @smfdoc for leading the vintage shoe thread. For the thread's 2nd anniversary, I am proposing a shoe revival challenge. So pull out your brushes, cloths, conditioners, and...
  11. Stashu

    How to Protect/Store Suede Leather boots?

    What chemicals do you suggest? Should I leave them in the open or keep them in a box? Any suggestions are appreciated
  12. T

    Uncommon wear/abrasion: Toe nails scratching through toe box of high class shoes

    Long time lurker, first time poster - now starting a topic with a rather ridiculous question. The problem is such: I have prominent and uncommonly sharp toe nails which despite being cared for on a regular basis rub and scratch through the lining of my better shoes (largely Vass and John Lobb...
  13. tyroc7

    Care for waxed suede

    I recently purchased some waxed suede sneakers. Is waterproofing recommended for waxed suede or does the waxing obviate the purpose of waterproofing? Those with experience with waxed footwear, does the wax over time and need to be reapplied? THanks
  14. S

    Embedded Toe Taps in Chicago?

    Hi Everyone, I have a couple of leather-soled shoes that will need new soles shortly and want to know where I can have embedded toe taps installed in Chicago. I have had toe taps installed at Brooks Shoe Service but those were nailed on top of the existing leather soles for whatever reason...
  15. JR Magat

    *SOLD* Cedar Elements Twin Tube Cedar Shoe Trees - Size Small (6.5 - 8) like Woodlore Epic

    Selling two pairs of Cedar Elements twin tube cedar wood shoe trees - Size Small (fits 6.5-7.5 US). I use these for 8UK/8.5US sneakers and size 8 medium width loafers and they work out perfectly. I cut down on the shoe collection, so these are extras that hopefully someone can benefit from...
  16. A

    Spit Polish With Neutral Wax?

    Let's say I have a black pair of dress shoes that I first polish with black cream polish. Can I use a neutral wax on the toe cap to achieve a high-gloss spit shine? Or must I use a black-pigmented wax? Does the same apply for brown leather dress shoes? Can I use a neutral wax on top of a brown...
  17. Jake Tough

    Shoe Trees: How Important Are They?

    Hi guys, It is clear that every style aficionado owns at least a pair of shoe trees to keep his leather shoes in shape. However, lots of men neglect this important aspect of shoe care yet complain when their shoes break down quickly. Now of course, The shoe longevity depends initially on the...
  18. All About Shoe Care

    All About Shoe Care

  19. Semin Park

    Is there a way to lighten the color of suede shoes?

    I recently bought a dark brown suede loafer online, and it appears that the color of the shoe is a bit darker than I hope it'd be. For ordinary calf shoes, you could use cream of darker shade to make it darker. But what can you do for suede shoes? Also, is it possible to make the color...
  20. LA Guy

    Ron Rider's comprehensive Shoe Care Guide

    Alright then, after spending many weeks delving into the minute details of shoe construction, memorizing the entire history of the worldwide tanning industry, obtaining and studying the last and pattern archives of 47 footwear manufacturers from 5 different countries, you have finally decided on...

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