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  1. kaws N effect

    List of archive sales?

    Firstly, I apologize if this is already posted- I am unable to find it. Is there a compiled list of direct retailers that do archive sales annually or biannually? I recently discover this by chance and I would like to be informed the dates or sign up for their newsletter. Thanks.
  2. P

    Winter Sale online on IsuiT

    Hello everyone, it is been a long time since we were here last time. We want to inform you that we have our winter sale online. Check our website to discover our selection of Kiton blazer, Cesare Attolini coats, and much more. If you need more info about products feel free to ask. IsuiT staff f
  3. SHOES


    Kiton, Zilli, Cesate Attolini, Borrelli
  4. LuxGentleman


    DETAILS – 2 Buttons – The Pant are with Pleated ( new model ) – Fully Lined – Fully Canvassed – 4 Inner Pocket Jacket – Medium Shoulder Padding – Double Back Vent – Buttonholes are Open – Real Corozo Buttons – Light Wheight FABRIC Material: 100% Wool 150’s by GUABELLO Pattern: Striped Color ...
  5. LuxGentleman


    DETAILS – 3 Roll / 2 Buttons – The Pant are Flat Front – Fully Lined – Fully Canvassed – 4 Inner Pocket Jacket – Medium Shoulder Padding – Double Back Vent – Buttonholes are Open – Real Horn Buttons – Medium – Heavy Wheight FABRIC Material: 100% Wool Pattern: Windowpane Color : Grey Lining...
  6. LuxGentleman


    DETAILS – 3 Roll / 2 Buttons – The Pant are Flat Front – Deconstructed – Unlined (only sleeve) – Notched Lapel – 3 Inner Pockets – Without Shoulder Padding – Double Back Vent – Real Mother of Pearl Buttons – Open Sleeve Buttonholes – Ultralight Wheight – JACKETINTHEBOXEDITION FABRIC Material...
  7. LuxGentleman


    DETAILS – Double Breasted – The Pant are with Pleated – Fully Lined – Fully Canvas – 3 Inner Pocket Jacket – Heavy Shoulder Padding – Double Back Vent – All Sleeve Buttons are Open – Real Horn Buttons – Light Wheight – All Buttonholes are Sewn by Hand – The Suit is Sewn Interely by Hand FABRIC...
  8. LuxGentleman

    SARTORIA SCUDERI Suit Made in Italy

    DETAILS 3 Roll / 2 Buttons The Pant are with Pleated ( new model ) Fully Lined Fully Canvassed 4 Inner Pocket Jacket Medium Shoulder Padding Double Back Vent Handmade in Italy Real Corozo Buttons Light – Medium Wheight FABRIC Material: LORO PIANA “TASMANIAN” Wool 150’s Pattern: Micro Herringbone...
  9. merv49


  10. LA Guy

    Official Sales and discount code thread - Classic menswear edition

    Please see all the sales and discount and cotton codes that are fit to print: https://www.styleforum.net/threads/official-sales-alert-thread.38417 In addition, we'll start a Classic menswear sales and discount code alert thread here.
  11. Caustic Man

    MoneyWellSpent's Southern Trad Thread

    As @MoneyWellSpent recently discovered the Southern trad style is not often compatible with conservative business dress or the standard definitions of good taste and soporificity (new word). Pastels, non standard fabrics, highly contrasting items, all make up the southern style. Things that come to mind are black...
  12. LA Guy

    Summer sales 2016 - All the stuff that's fit to buy - codes, updates, etc...

    This is our consolidated list of sales for SS16, for both Classic menswear and Streetwear and Denim, including designers. Enjoy, and feel free to update. with a post. I'll add it to the list. www.fwrd.com - sale up to 50% off. www.brooksbrothers.com Annual sale up to 40% off www.barneys.com...
  13. PMaximus

    Men's clothes & shoes sizes--- Why are there so few Mediums 42R & 10.5 - 11 shoes?

    This topic may have come up over the years, but I have yet to find a logical explanation for why there are so few medium size shirts, suits, and pants and so few 10.5/11 size shoes for sale online, on styleforum classifieds and on eBay. This also is the case for consignment shops, Goodwill and...
  14. SpooPoker

    The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Part II (May 2015 - Sept. 2018)

    Welcome to the thrift thread 2.0. The party starts here. For posterity, here's what we did in part 1 : In this thread we : 1. Will tell you to read the whole thread from start to finish, and that may include part 1 2. Do not blatantly sell items unless you're either awesome or in that...
  15. StyleforumRobot

    StyleForum eBay Round Up - Week of August 3

    StyleForum's eBay Round Up Week of August 3 After a careful round of reprogramming, the StyleForum Robot is new equipped to run sophisticated searches to plum eBay for the best items and the most amazing deals. Check early, bookmark often, and snag something killer at an unbelievable...
  16. StyleforumRobot

    Holiday Sales Thread!

    Ongoing list of sales. Coupons included when needed. If you know of any additional sales, please include and I will add to the list. American Rag - 30% Off Asos - Up to 50% Off Barney's - Up to 50% Off Billy Reid - Sale and 20% extra off with code NY2014 Brooks Brothers - Up to 50%...
  17. HansderHund

    Buying and Selling on eBay: Tips, Tricks, Problems & Questions

    Since so many people buy and sell on eBay, I thought it might be convenient to have a place where those more experienced could offer up advice or answer questions. I know that I've run into problems as both a buyer and seller and I've been fortunate to get advice from other members. Feel free...
  18. NAMOR

    When is the Next Brooks Brothers Sale?

    Anyone know when the semi-annual sale begins? I understand that last year it was 40% +15% off
  19. amd123

    How to find Gems at Marshalls/Ross/Burlington/TJMAXX/etc...

    So I've been hunting down some 501 STFs and I've checked out tons of stores (Sears, Macys, Bonton, Boscovs, Kohls, JCPenney literally everywhere including the ones in the title) and I couldn't find any. However, on my travels I did find some really cool **** at Marshalls and Burlington...found...
  20. Razele

    ***The Official eBay / B&S / eShop Someone-Should-Kop Thread***

    Thought it would be good to have a thread to post all the awesome pieces / deals / coupons that we find in our travels. When I was new it took me ages to find good items, so this should help. The other fora's B&S departments also move really quick and things get lost quite quickly. Let's keep...

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