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leather care

  1. Bozwick

    Burnt Hender Schemes

    I think i ruined my shoes.. i tried ironing the toe box to restore the shape, have had no problems on other shoes with this, but the heat seems to have burnt the leather on these sweet hender schemes. What to do? Anyone think its possible to lighten the discoloration? Should i try to even out...
  2. E

    WARNING! Wooden Shoe Trees Damaged My Pairs of Shoes

    A cautionary tale and a proposal for a more specific way of using of shoe trees... I have always loved leather shoes, from when I was a small child and my pairs would only cost 50-100USD, to now when my pairs go higher than 1000USD. When I started buying these expensive shoes, I read about shoe...
  3. hangerproject

    How to Remove SCratches from a Leather Bag

    Kirby Allison, founder of the Hanger Project, shows you how to remove scratches from your leather bag in 4 simple steps. If you have a bag that is looking rough, don’t worry it’ll look new in no time! Steps Apply Saphir Juvacuir to damaged areas Apply Saphir Canadian to damaged surface on a...
  4. T

    How long do you expect your leather wallet to last you?

    The obvious answer, of course, is "as long as possible" and I would assume most would expect the life of the wallet to be proportional to the purchase price paid, and the amount of stuff someone shoves into the wallet, however, what is the amount of time you would say is a reasonable life...
  5. DannyB1

    Favorite Leather Conditioner??

    It's that time of the year, where leather needs extra moisture to combat the frigid temperatures and salty streets here in the Midwest. I'm wondering what everyone's favorite leather conditioner is? I've used both lexol and leather honey. I have not noticed a a big difference between them in...
  6. Moonchild

    Scratched patent leather : Is there anyway to save my shoes?

    Hi everybody, I'm pretty sad because I scratched my Givenchy patent leather shoes i just bought (worn 5 times), after falling on the stairs (I'll spare the details on how it happened, l'm already quite embarassed :S) the left shoe is scratched on the ankle area and it's quite visible, (the sole...
  7. VegTan

    Leather Quality and Properties

    About leather grades and tensile strength; From Direct Selling Shoe Manual (1940). From Analysis of Leather and Materials Used in Making it (1931).
  8. sinnedk

    Oiling down suede (is it possible? how?benefits?)

    hi gents, I have a pair of suede boot that i like and what to give the more rugged oiled suede look like some items i have seen. I have a few questions. 1. can i myself oil down the suede? 2. will it darken the boots and make them water proof? 3. are there any bad reifications for doing so? 4...
  9. ClassAct

    Restoring suede nap

    Hi there, I recently sprayed my suede shoes with some protector and noticed that the nap had sort of flattened. I noticed it felt a bit harder and rougher than before. Therefore I tried brushing it with a wire suede brush, but I noticed that the nap was actually being removed and so I...
  10. thecheat

    How to remove a shoe dent?

    I could use some help with a pair of shoes I recently bought. Something was dropped on one of my AE oxfords recently, right on the toe, and now there is a dent in the toe that I can't remove. I've tried pushing up the dent by putting newspaper on my shoe tree, and generally making it as tight...
  11. sfnapolifan

    how to fix "hairy" suede shoes?

    i got caught in the rain in a pair of snuff suede alden chukkas a couple weeks back in nyc (live in san francisco and forgot how unpredictable east coast weather can be). they looked/felt a little worse for wear after drying out, so i tried brushing them with a nylon-bristle suede brush bought...
  12. davepit

    How to fix a cut in a shoe

    I bought some new chelsea boots - nice ones - several times more expensive than I would normally pay for shoes. I wore them out, and a young lady stepped on my foot. As a result, there's a one inch gash, about 1mm deep, on the toe of one of the shoes. I took the shoe to a shoe repairer, and...
  13. Ward

    mink oil....bad for good leather?

    So I used to use a quick wipe down of mink oil on my EGs or C&Js every morning and the other day the shoe shine guy who comes by my work scolded me. He said that the oil is not good for nicer leathers.....and said it makes it harder to polish the shoes. Is he just trying to get me to need a...
  14. davidj19

    alcohol stains on leather shoe

    Someone spilled their drink on my on my leather shoes. Has anyone successfully removed alcohol from leather dress shoes, or should I have them dyed dark brown? Thanks, David
  15. EViS

    Leather Gucci Shoes - Leather Care & Protection

    I have just returned from Florence, Italy, with two new pairs of leather Gucci shoes. One pair is a tan colour whilst the other is brown with brown suede on the top part of the shoe. From my research so far, I believe the leather used by Gucci is aniline (unfinished) and thus marks easily from...
  16. Tarmac

    Does sunlight darken or lighten leather?

    Anyone definitively know what sunlight does to leather? Does it make it darker or bleach it out? I would guess it lightens it by kind of bleaching it out, like you see on very old car seats sometimes. However, a girl I know got some sort of LV purse which has that natural tan leather on it and...
  17. HitMan009

    What is the toughest leather?

    I was having a debate of what is the toughest leather known to man.... I thought it was stingray but I understand there is another leather made from a fish that is even tougher then stingray but I have no idea what fish that would be. I know that ostrich, elephant, kangaroo and deer are also...
  18. dah328

    Restoring sun-faded shoes

    I just bought a pair of shoes that must have been the store's display pair as one shoe is significantly lighter in color than the other. Aside from sitting the darker shoe on a sunny window sill for a couple months, is there a good way I can equalize the colors of the shoes?
  19. contactme_11

    Changing the Color of Black Leather Shoes

    I've decided as of today that I have too many pairs of black shoes. So I'd like to try and change the color on one or two pairs. Has anyone done this, and how?
  20. dah328

    Shoe cream vs. polish

    I've know there have been lots of shoe care threads and I've read all I could find, but one thing that I've not seen mentioned is whether the use of both cream and polish is beneficial.  If only one or the other should be used, how does one choose which to use? Regards, dan

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