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fit advice

  1. saggysuit25

    Fit Check, Brooks Brothers 1818 Milano

    Looking for suit for wedding, taking a look at the Brooks Brothers 1818 Milano fit. Tried 40R and shoulders fit well, but definitely a lot of room in the mid-section. Planning to tailor to have a much more fitted look, but concerned of how the suit lays in the front, mainly the bulge between the...
  2. kai888

    Leather Jacket fit (pictures) Too tight

    Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for your advice, I recently bought a lambskin leather jacket ( I can return it within 1 week). Do you think it fits too tight? I have lifted weights regularly and might put on a little bit more mass. No doubt this will have some influence. The next size up...
  3. TimpD

    Fit check (jacket)

    Hello, I picked up a couple SamuelSohn for a great deal (68% and 76% off) and was looking for some feedback as I am currently under lockdown and can't meet with my tailor. The cut is Madison so it's their slimmest, normally I go for a contemporary fit. I also have an extra 5-8 COVID pounds. Do...
  4. A

    How does this suit fit (Lanieri)

    Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum, so excuse me if I’m making mistakes by posting this here. I’ve recently decided that I need a suit, and after visiting several shops and realizing how difficult it is to find something for my body type (168cm and wide shoulders) I opted for lanieri MTM. What...
  5. Cathosuiter

    Indochino Suit - Fit Check

    I am very new to wearing suits. I've been very interested and have been doing research lately, most of which AFTER I purchased this suit. I have since read the Indochino horror stories posted here, but in the beginning I saw some youtubers post very positive reviews. Before I get completely...
  6. K

    Thoughts on the fit of this biker jacket?

    My father was a hardcore biker, and recently he gifted me one of his cowhide leather biker jackets. I like the style of the jacket but it doesn’t seem to fit well (feels big), and I would like to gather some different perspectives before I wear it, sell it, or condemn it to life imprisonment in...
  7. Gareth Q. Nguyen

    Does anyone know what suede jacket Johannes Huebl wears for the Chopard campaign?

    The green suede jacket that Johannes Huebl wears in Chopard campaign looks insanely great. Does anyone know what brand it's from?
  8. yunBW

    How should a brand new loafer fit?

    Hi, I recently purchase JMW 180 and it's been a while I own and wear a pair of loafer. So I'm slightly uncertain about the fit of my loafer. I purchased a size 7D, the fit is snug and slight tighter on the vamp area of the loafer. My main concern is the slight heel slippage when wearing it...
  9. mikealvaa

    Definitive guide to suit fits/cuts

    Hey all, I have been digging through the internet and I can't seem to find a definitive guide to the different styles of suit cuts/fits. I recently watched Spike Lee's Malcolm X and I was in awe of the style of suiting that dominated during the 1960s. It might be my favorite decade of...
  10. W

    Frustrating fit problems

    Hello, I am a short and stocky guy and as a result, my measurements are pretty dis-proportionate: Jacket/Chest: 44 short Neck: 17 1/2 Arm: 31 Pants: 38 x 29 Because of this, I accept that almost everything I wear will have to be shortened (sleeves, pants hems, etc). This means that I can...
  11. D

    Do these dress pants not fit correct?

    Hi Sartorialists, I have a question about the linen suits I recently bought. The trousers fit well but they tend not to sit upon the waist correctly like I would imagine they are supposed too? If I put my belt on the 4th buckle in so that it is very tight it keeps them in the correct place near...
  12. Isca

    Navy Blazer - fit advice please?

    Hi all, just purchased a Ralph Lauren Polo knitted blazer for a reasonable price in the sales and would love a second opinion on fit please. It's kind of a modern take on the classic navy blazer: patch pockets, unlined, unstructured, 3-roll-2, but notably with 2 rear vents and in a modern...
  13. C

    How does this ISAIA blazer fit - Please comment

    Bought these Isaia blazers from YOOX. Greenish one is size 36 from the Argento line. Light fabric in size 36. Navy one is flannel (wool, silk and linen). Size 38, from basic main line in Gregorio body. Shoulders fit fine on both jackets. Navy one is very relaxed fit, I can easily fit 2 fists...
  14. A

    Fit Advice: Spier & MacKay Navy Blazer

    Hello! I'd love some advice on the fit of my new Spier & MacKay Navy Hopsack blazer in a 40R Slim. This is my first purchase from SM, so I could return or exchange for free. I actually purchased it using the referral code of a generous Styleforum member. From the photos, it's clear the sleeves...
  15. woofmang

    Alden gurus: Barrie vs. Van fit advice, please

    I want to pick up a pair of Alden LHS loafers (on the Van last), and it seems that there are two camps on how to size them: Get the same size as you wear in the Barrie last Get your usual size I wear 9.5 E in almost everything except my Alden 994s (my only Aldens so far), which are on the...

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