How do I take care of alligator/crocodile leather?

  1. Question (first posted by @jaymanjones): I have these two pairs of so-called 'now and later' gators that I'd like to clean/polish. I've noticed that they've lost their original shine and the color looks like its fading on the black ones. Any suggestions or previous experience on how to treat exotic/crocodile leather?

    Answer 1 (first posted by @AnGeLiCbOrIs): Meltonian Delicate cream is awesome on pretty much everything. Pasquale in LA turned me on to it as a superior substitute for Lexol conditioner. I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly. It leaves leathers feeling soft and supple instead of the slight rubbery film that Lexol can leave.

    Answer 2 (posted by @mr monty): I use creams made for exotic shoes. Been using creams for over 30 years with good results.
    DYO Reptile Conditioner $4.25 4oz,309.html
    Bick4 leather conditioner $5.26 8oz

    Answer 3 (posted by @DWFII): The main thing however is to keep it clean. Don't let dust settle or build up in the creases.

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  1. Harvie
    Bick-4 is great and I also use Horseman's One-Step

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