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Oh please. The guy's a Freak, and he likes to put the freak on little kids. If he wasn't, then why have a problem with him sleeping in bed with little kids. All the jurors that found him innocent for molesting that specific kid, none of them would risk sending their children into the bedroom of MJ. If you think he's not, would you be comfortable allowing your children to sleep over at MJ unsupervised? If this was anybody else, his ass would be in prison right now.
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maybe, maybe not. what's legal and what's comfortable are two different things. anyway, he's got an uphill battle from here on out, to repair his reputation. maybe he'll trade in his beatles rights for an island in the pacific, and live out his days in seclusion.
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Watching the reactions in the press I'm amazed at how many people refuse to believe the case against MJ just wasn't that strong. As I am neither an attorney - nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night - I've always struggled with the "beyond a reasonable doubt" part of our criminal justice system. But this case seems to point out quite clearly how things work...like 'em or not. Sure, he may have done some inappropriate things, but the DA simply didn't show the jury compelling evidence.
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