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Originally Posted by Guitar Preacher View Post

Found a few things yesterday. Almost had a heart attack when I saw a Bijan hanger. I think there was a Haggar jacket on it.
One lonely tie. I wish I could find ties like some of you guys. If I ever find ties its always one at a time or none. Insert firstworldproblems.jpg here. Anyway its a good one Polo self tipped silk whateverwhatever. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Oxxford and Southwick. Both mine. Please don't tell me the Oxxford is orphaned. its got to be the most recent Oxxford I've found. No lapel hole check the buttons. Can anyone date this? The Southwick is old and has a few moth holes but fits amazingly and it exactly the check pattern I was looking for. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Originally Posted by Brianpore View Post

Thanks a nice little haul! The Oxxford pattern looks nice even if an orphan could be worn on it's own.


Did you grab the Bijan hanger. Could def be a nice little flip on ebay or the forum there. I've sold Brioni hangers (cheap plastic kind) before at $20 + shipping.

Nice pattern on the Oxxford, if it's not an orphan, the pants should be given up for adoption. Can't envision pants in that pattern (at least for me)


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Originally Posted by LooknGr8 View Post

even the crappy ones have the occasional Canali shirt in a 14

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Here's a couple should I go back and get them:


Three 4" wide Zegna, good shape, $7 each:




"Joe Namath's" Harris Tweed from a Colo. Store in IIRC 40R:


IMAG0606.jpg IMAG0608.jpg


Did pick these up, a Pendelton 3½" wool tie and a VTG 3¼" Lanvin in brown:


IMAG0633.jpg IMAG0634.jpg


IMAG0638.jpg IMAG0632.jpg



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The tie keeper on the Pendleton need to be re sewn and the Lanvin has some price tag goop.


IMAG0630.jpg IMAG0637.jpg



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I just stopped by the Value Village store in Tukwila WA for the first time a few days ago, they had a pile of stuff.  I got several BB sport shirts for around $10 each and a few RL Polo button downs (I don't usually go for these, but with the "50% off yellow tags" deal, they were around $3 each).  I also found a Faconnable sport shirt (one I actually lusted for a few years back) for $12, and several ties that were all $4-$6 each (some BB ties that still had the tags on them, 2 older style Zegnas and a pretty cool Robert Talbott tie).  I'll definately be checking in there often. 


I've really become a fan of thrift stores.  After some of the deals I've seen there, it's hard to talk myself into spending regular price on things anymore.

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People should remember that while Bijan clothes are extraordinarily expensive, they're also extraordinarily overpriced, and usually pretty fantastically ugly. I mean, he used (/they use) pretty good makers, and once in a while there's something that isn't hideous, but for the most part, it's a brand targeted at very, very distasteful LA nouveau riche.
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Here are the Zanella Platinum "Bennett"  pants, very nice pattern:


They are marked 34 but were let out to a 36, the inseam is 26½, outseam 38½, cuff 1¾" with 1" under. Being that my normal inseam is 29 or 30, need opinions on what to do in spoiler:


IMAG0617.jpg   IMAG0615.jpg



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Are they too short. Though being double pleated, could I remove cuffs and go straight hem? Can the cuff be made smaller, if so, how much? Black shoes not a good choice for photos, oh well. You can see the outline of the pant hem on the picture on the left.



IMAG0643.jpgIMAG0640.jpgIMAG0617.jpgIMAG0618.jpg IMAG0614.jpg


Cuff is 1¾"





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Picked up a Borsalino Fedora a couple of days ago for a super price. Completely unexpectedly, it was spot on in fit. I might have to tell the girls at the shop to make sure the "sweet little lady" who brought it in knows that if she brings in more, they won't just get worn by a hipster and abandoned in a couple of years when they aren't hip anymore. Anyway, there are plenty of cheap wool hats for those guys to wear! Here it is after a little love from my local hatter (The Brass Rooster, for those of you near Milwaukee who didn't know that we had an honest to goodness hat shop, not just a retailer!)


On an unrelated note - and not directed at any specific post, just at a tendency I've been noticing lately:
I'd like to recommend to anyone who has found SF through this thread that you branch out and read some of the rest of the forum as well. There is a ton of information (and gibberish - you have to sift), and if you care about clothes, you can learn a lot from reading some of it. I've pointed out before that this thread is becoming a subculture, and I'm fine with that. I don't think it should become so parochial that folks here don't venture outside of this thread to find answers and information. I'm not trying to defend the "purity of the thread." I'm just pointing out that some of the discussion simply duplicates what is already on the forum, thus, it simply triples the number of posts we all have to wade through.


Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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Originally Posted by lastdonb View Post

Here's a couple should I go back and get them:

Three 4" wide Zegna, good shape, $7 each:


Bit wide.. Probably go back. At least get the middle one.

And the right one.

Maybe the left.
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Today was a topcoat day for me.




Hammersley cashmere/wool blend, double breasted, peak lapels.  Haven't heard of them before but it seems well made, is nice and soft and in great shape...and it fits me pretty well.  biggrin.gif



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)








Lido Italian made topcoat.  Hadn't heard of them either, but it's a really nice cashmere/wool blend, as soft as a baby's bottom (softer than the other one), front darted, and fits me like an absolute dream!



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






Silverstone brass button blazer.  Canadian made, never heard of it but it has Loro Piana fabric, seems well made, and fits me.  I also like the buttons and I'm trying to give the 3 button blazer thing a shot, though I'm a bit leery.  We'll see. 



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






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Anyone here the size of Dr. Phil? I mean, the EXACT size? Left behind a lot of high quality pants (Holland & Sherry, Italian made Carroll & Co., Zanella (some with only one pleat!)), if anyone is interested I could try and check back to see what's left.  Picked up some smaller C&C charcoal flannels for myself as well.


Found a vintage Aquascutum Aqua 5 Mac (Made in England) in about a size 40-42 (available).

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I remember few years ago that someone had found his fancy suits. They were quite large, no?
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Originally Posted by Brianpore View Post

1st day thrifting in a week and all I end up with is a Gitman shirt and these (that's all you get till I get them home and cleaned up next week). Oh yea, they were running a $2 shoe sale for everything that wasnt in the "high end" area.


I'm quoting myself (double post count oppertunity).

Thought these were C&J, but to my dismay they are only Cheaney's. Still not too shabby for $2. A few more pics.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






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Completely off topic....but I'm always shocked how much traffic getting on the eBay roundup over at PutThisOn gives to a eBay listing. Went from about 30 views in four days to 200+ views in about a hour.
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IIRC Dr. Phil is like a 46 L or XL, right? I bought some of his shoes a year or two ago, they were 13s. He wears good quality MTM clothes and AEs.
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Originally Posted by hmmurdock View Post

Completely off topic....but I'm always shocked how much traffic getting on the eBay roundup over at PutThisOn gives to a eBay listing. Went from about 30 views in four days to 200+ views in about a hour.

Any tips for getting on? Like these &[1].gif

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