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^ That is hilarious

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I did a double take on that ebay auction... I have that same exact shoe in an 11 C/E, from Uli Knecht and everything. I've doubled the guard on my closet. patch[1].gif
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You have the missing left shoe??
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Originally Posted by hikari013 View Post

You have the missing left shoe??

No, I have a PAIR, in an 11C/E... but the seller might be a ninja who likes to purloin Uli Knecht models! patch[1].gif
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Found a pretty beat up D'avenza today. Pity, as it was quite nice.

Ended up buying a YSL Rive Gauche cashmere DB navy sportcoat. Unvented, so I'm guessing it's a bit old. Cashmere shows a bit of wear, but a beautiful piece. Size 44ish. Is anyone familiar with RG makers? From the tag, Zegna maybe?
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So in an effort to try and finally figure out where all the stuff at my Marshall's is coming from I was hoping we could play a tag identity game. Does anyone recognize this price tag? I'd say 90% of the awesome stuff at my Marshall's have this same tag attached. Some were saying Barney's is off-loading to them. Others say Wilkes Bashford. Hopefully someone will recognize and confirm.

So, any ideas?

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Real. Nice haul.

Good to hear. If anyone wants dibs shoot me a PM before I put these up on B&S.
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That looks like a Barneys tag. Wilkes tags have "Wilkes Bashford" on them.
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its a wikes tag or one of their store marios or mitchells
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The specific/detailed knowledge of people here never ceases to amaze me.  You all can recognize store tags


Originally Posted by Xenos View Post

That looks like a Barneys tag. Wilkes tags have "Wilkes Bashford" on them.


Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post

its a wikes tag or one of their store marios or mitchells


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Originally Posted by Ace_Face View Post

Yeah, I only did a little research, but I think this is one of the lower value ones. It is a manual wind (which I actually like) and I think it may be gold plate rather than solid gold. But until I take it to my jeweler to take a look, I don't really know much about it. It appears to be unworn, started right up when I wound it and is keeping good time so far. There is an inscription on the back: "Presented to SL McLish to honor his 30th anniversary with Standard Oil Company of California Family - May 1974" The two chevrons on the watch face I believe are the Stardard Oil logo. Anyway, a couple of pics:
I doubt I will keep it, so if anyone is particularly interested, PM me.

A gold watch is something men earned after years of service, so strange the man left it in the box, and on top of that the fact it ended up in a thrift store for 8$. These are the sorts of finds I yearn for. And Standard Oil is/was a pillar of the Oil industry, this watch is all sorts of awesome. I believe Standard oil became 'Chevron'.
Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

Just surfed this site. These guys are near you possibly?

Originally Posted by Henry Boogers View Post

Okay, I guess this is a brag thread as I expect to make a profit but this is, shall we say, off the sartorially beaten path. Just a reminder that you don't have to be willing to wear it.......Picked these up earlier this week:
Affliction jeans - I just don't think they are me....
Good as new Diesel 100% genuine leather jeans. If these were my size I would still be in the basement with them on playing every Poison song I know on the guitar but fortunately they do not.
Which brings me to my question. I came across an unusually nice wool/cotton A&F zip up with a strange tag. It seemed to new too be from the glory days of A&F and too nice to be run of the mill. Does anyone know if this has any particular value?

The AF is nice, but not anything particularly special. That was a standard tag in the mid 2000's.
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been finding ballantyne cashmere sweaters lately at the local thrift... got one for me and one for my father in law for 16 total. some other cool things lately too... ill post some pics soon.
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Did a little thrifting while traveling over the holidays. I picked up these two fantastic shirts yesterday in Louisville (sorry, O!), both from the same donor.

The Isaia is tagged 17/43, measures to ~37 in the sleeves. The Robert Talbott Estate Bespoke is the nicest Talbott you've ever seen (or at least I've ever seen). Certainly on par with the Isaia. No tag, but measures to 17 x 35, double button cuff, super thick MOP buttons. I wish the Talbott was my size.

Both are available. I'll be listing them in B&S later.


Nice thrift story: My wife and three daughters were with me in the thrift store in Louisville. An older woman approached my wife, complimented my daughters' behavior, said she had been very blessed in life and reached out a $10 bill, telling my wife to buy the girls each a pair of shoes. Now we didn't think to rub dirt on their cheeks or anything before we went in, so I don't think they looked particularly needy. My wife refused the money despite the woman's insistence. She eventually handed the $10 to my 5-year old daughter (who will take money from strangers, apparently) and walked off.

The $10 more than covered the shirts above. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gifWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
(^Joke. My wife was already buying them shoes and other things. The shirts were purchased from my Paypal account.)
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The clearance rack at Marshall's strikes again! Snagged these beauties:




The Kiton is up for grabs, size 15.75. I'll probably throw it on the bay in the next couple of days.
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Where the Flux are you guys finding these Marshall's with this stuff. There are at least 4 Marshall's close range to me and I'm not scouring each of them.
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