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Love serious eats. Got his book a month or so ago, and have been cooking out of it at least once a week
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Had a bunch of things last night and many of them had truffles. Only took two pics as things were hopping.

First is octopus with scallop:

Seared foie with black truffles:

Some other items were eggs in puff pastry with truffles, a cacio e pepe with truffles, and some other treats. Here's the truffle we ate:

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truffles with truffles

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What does a truffle actually taste like?
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It's not just the taste it's the aroma too. The aroma of a fresh truffle being shaved can fill a room. It's a really pungent, funky, damp organic earthy smell that is highly enjoyable. The taste is also an intense earthy flavour with components like garlic and mushrooms. It's amazing how a simple dish, like that pasta with pepper, becomes sublime with some truffles shaved onto it.
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Indian Pilav
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Made fresh carnitas. Had a dough ball in the freezer from last time I made dough. Bought some fresh mozz made this morning.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

This apparently was a bigger hit at the house than in the dinner thread. Had a request to make this again for tonight's dinner. drool.gif
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@Piobaire truffle adventure looks fantastic!
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I love Truffled eggs either as fried omelets and soufflés with goats cheese. When the season arrives here in Canberra I'll buy at the farmers market on a Saturday put it with the eggs for 48 hours then mainly use the truffle in a Mushroom risotto on a Monday night. A new mushroom stall holder has set and has a good selection of shiitake, oyster, king brown, chestnut and black fungus amongst others. Roll on May.
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I'm going to France Sept 16- Oct 3rd, is that truffle season?
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Hmm, truffles.

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Burgundy truffles will be in season. They are better than summer truffles, but not as good as winter.

Speaking of which, I went to The Modern last night. one dish was a black truffle tortellini. Damn fine. All in, i'd say it was a hair less great than EMP, but still really great. Reasonably good value too for what you get (a lot). And a nice wine list that does not insult the diner on every page.
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The Modern is great. Try it for lunch one day. The setting is really enjoyable with all the natural light and the glass walls on the sculpture garden
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