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items of clothing in normal rotation

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how many pairs of jeans, t-shirts, shoes, hoodies do you guys have in normal rotation(wear at least twice a month) for daily wear.
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2 suits in rotation-

jil sander navy and prada grey

lots of shirts so no roto


dior 19cm blue
dior sharp notation 19cm blue
dior 19cm silver selvedge
apc new cure

dior low tops, dior high tops, common projects high and vintage jordan IIs
new balance for the gym
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In rotation:

Outerwear (depending on weather, obviously.)
2 Nice Collective pieces
2 Engineered Garments pieces
1 Orthodox jacket
1 Martin Margiela 10 jacket
1 Rag & Bone jacket
Some heavier winter pieces have been dormant awhile now.

Shirts: About half a dozen pullovers and henleys from Wings+Horns (3), Splendid Mills (2), Number (N)ine (1), Nicolo Ceschi Berrini (1) typically in rotation. Engineered Garments, and other random piece pop in and out.

Sweaters, knits: I am sort of heavy into the henleys and pullovers with a jacket these days, but my Wings + Horns hoodies and Nom de Guerre Shawl get worn maybe a few times a week. And my Engineered Garments and Fillipa K hoodies gets use as well. So, about...5 or 6 pieces?

belts: Typically 3 in rotation, 1 Nice Collective, 1 Alan Bilzerian, and 1 Oliver Spencer. Others make an occasional showing.

Sneakers: 3 pairs of chucks (striped denimx2, cracked white leather), a pair of Vans Vault Maharams, and a pair of Neil Barrett kicks get worn a fair bit. So... 5 pairs.
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In regular rotation:

Jeans & Pants:
- 5EPxSF
- NS or Rescues
- 5EP Chinos
- ES Fulton

- varvatos suede chukkas
- black low top chucks
- PS Chens

- a few banana republic button downs
- a few lacoste button downs
- no-name lightweight wool v-neck in navy
- green Barney's v-neck

After putting together this list, I realize I need to pare things down a bit. There are a lot of shirts that I have that I don't wear, and a few pairs of jeans that get work infrequently.
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Tricker's for Ted Baker wingtip chelsea ("Houdini's") - brown
Paul May chukka - brown
Converse Chuck Taylor lowtop - black
Prada buckle Loafers - brown
Miu Miu calf leather sneakers - brown
Banana Republic chelsea (absolute garbage quality, but I occasionally wear)

5ep LDB
Gianfranco Ferre slim khakis

5 or 6 T-shirts from AA
1 APC L/S button up
2 Hickey L/S button up
1 MCR L/S button up
1 GV Conte L/S button up
2 Penguin polos
2 Burberry slim-fit polos
1 Ted Baker L/S button up
3 Brooks Brothers L/S slim-fit button ups

I'm sure I'm leaving off some shirts, but oh well. I also didn't include what I wear to work, sweaters, or outerwear because I got tired.
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as of right now...

-esef Sky & Ori
-Pringle selvedge

-fred perry polos & b/d
-Pringle b/d

-fred perry monkey
-G9 harringtons

-Doc Marten
-Alden longwing
-Martegani saddles
-Paul Smith x Triumph boots
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i'll play 5 boo button downs or college shirt diors or pbjs visvim chucks or common projects scrubs guess i need to add more to the rotation. i look pretty much the same everyday
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- finns dry stretch
- washed pair of finns
- pbj xx005's (semi-retired)
- SA chinos/levi's matchstick cords/earnest sewn kyrre cords (one of those)

- several steven alans
- j.crew flannel here and there

- neal sperling wool cardi

- ymc double zip windbreaker
- alpha industries jacket
- EG bedford
- uppercut mangler black coat
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NDG grey
NDG blue

5 AA t's (2xblack, navy, red, "galaxy")
2 (grey stripe, blue/brown check) Seize sur Vignt B/D

Brown tiger fleece Wings+Horns

Wings&Horns glencheck M65

Brown era vans
Sand clark desert boots
Brown lace up momas
brown docs when it is wet

hoping to replace vans with CP court shoes
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outerwear, TNF rain jacket wear it all the time. jeans, warehouse 1001xx samurai LHT jin's a bunck of uniqlo vneck tees I wear them under everything and shoes, white chucks redwings 875's
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jeans- grey apc cures raw apc new cures black j lindeberg raws wax coated black rings tshirts- a fair amount of decent graphic shirts (s2a, corpus, raf simons, morrissey) a few henleys (levis s/s purple and black l/s corpus) a few plain vneck/crew necks probably more as in florida i wear a bunch of tshirts button downs: levis s/s western/plaid BoO white oxford BoO blue h&m l/s western/plaid jackets/knits- s2a cashmere pullover hoodie aa black hoodie (need to upgrade this bad) gap large button pocket cardi (need to upgrade this bad) drkshdw black/dust denim jacket (trying to sell) I don't wear much outerwear in florida shoes- navy sperry boatshoes grey and brown suede laceups from OC and NDC german army, black apcxnike, and brown gola stride sneaks israeli canvas combat boots
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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post

navy sperry boatshoes
grey and brown suede laceups from OC and NDC
german army, black apcxnike, and brown gola stride sneaks
israeli canvas combat boots

Nice varied and interesting shoe collection
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i got around 3 pairs of jeans 2 pairs of other pants 2 cardis 2 hoodies 10-15 button up (and down) shirts 3-4 jackets 5 pairs of shoes in rotation at a given time, depending on current favourites and season.
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Why not:

Acne Mic
APC Rescue
Plus, occasionally 5EP LDB and ES Fulton

Jackets (too many)
EG Bedford
EG Pathfinder
EG Field Jacket
YMC Bomber
YMC Wax Cotton Hooded Jacket
Rag & Bone Combat Shirt

4 or so Rag & Bone
2 BoO
Nice Collective hoody

Alden Indy
Paul Smith Starr
RM Williams Turnout
Rod Lavers
Plus assorted AEs
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Jackets: EG moutain parka Baracuta G9 slim fit EG norfolk Shoes: vans springcourts black napa RM Williams kangaroo chesnut Shirts: EG work shirts Flat head chambrays various cheaper sweaters and such as Jeans: APC rescue FH 380 RRDS 5EP LDB Belts: Samurai untanned natural Filson dark brown Watch: Longines master chronograph
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