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Allen edmonds at nordstrom rack

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For those of you in the Southern California area, Nordstrom Rack in Metro Pointe has a big selection of AE shoes in stock, ranging from $120-190. They have sizes from 6 to 15 as far as I could tell, selection of laceups was not spectacular at least in the regular sizes, but there seemed to be at least about 80-100 pairs there.
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BTW, they also had JP D'amage jeans for $69, if anyone is interested in those, or Diesel for $49.
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Thanks for the tips. Every time I go over there it's a zoo though.
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It can be, I usually go during the day, or late at night, and it's not so bad.
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Speaking of the Rack, does anyone know how their distro works? Do they get stuff from local Nordstrom stores or is there a central clearinghouse sort of arrangement?
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I don't know, but the Rack here in "The OC" is just across the street from the regular Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza. I always assumed most of the merchandise came from there directly; maybe by way of a secret underground tunnel, or possibly short-range teleporter.
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I used to work for Nordstrom and know a little about how the Rack's get their merchandise. I still have several contacts locally that let me know about special shipments Most low quantity items come from 2-4 local Nordstrom stores after initial markdown. Larger quantity items and a good portion of the suits on offer are pulled together at regional distirbution points and distributed to Rack stores based on historical purchasing patterns of a store's clientele. Department Manager's also make requests for items their customer's are asking for which may be sourced from any of the regional depot's (Much of the Zenga, Gucci, Versace and Burberry items that hit the Bay Area Rack's originate in South Florida for example). Then there are special purchases (overstocks, bulk purchases from other retailer, etc) which tend to be distributed fairly equally throughout the chain. Lastly, there is merchandise manufactured expressly for the Rack stores which is the stuff you see in fairly large size and color ranges in every Rack (Evergreen is one brand that I remember).
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