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be warned that sleeves on Blackmeans jackets are comically short. Like there is "short", "too short", "wearing your little sisters jacket", then Blackmeans


And I'm comfortable with slightly short sleeves, but I just wanted to say be sure to try them on first or check measurements if you can


Still, dope jackets and I would have long since had one if it wasn't for that

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Originally Posted by zxcvbn View Post

3 minute featurette on Blackmeans. Produced by Mr.  P but don't let that dissuade you from watching.



What's the story with the guy ironing the sleeves of his jacket?  Does it help distress the leather?

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I assume so. Here's Mitt Romney on his new line of artisanal pre-distressed dinner jackets.

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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

They make cool looking riders (and other stuff), not that hard to wear. I haven't purchased from them but what I've seen is really great. They're also big (punk) nerds like the workwear guys so it is endearing.

This jacket looks amazing:

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Yeah, his custom denim getup in the vid is also cool (pair with linen shorts and Saint Laurent flipflops to go to a fancy Miami poolside party).
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Pretty cool video.

I ordered the leather / nylon jacket from Mr. Porter last fall at 80% off. Jacket was super nice but even at largest size I couldn't get my arms into the sleeves. Usually I can barely fit into some japanese brands but felt Blackmeans made them exceptionally small.
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Holy cow, Pintrill is opening a brick & mortar in Brooklyn.

How does a business like that generate enough sales to justify a brick & mortar?

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Pin cost $0.5
Retail price $12-15
Profit $11.5-14.5

I don't have to that a lot of times to make money.
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you just added a shit ton of overhead just by having a physical retail space. no matter how large your margins are and how much profit you're making, it's kind of a questionable decision. operating an internet business is not the same as running a b&m and there's no point adding the risk imo.
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People nowadays think they can build fashion houses and multi level brands on logo t-shirts. We all seen it before and we have all seen what happens next. Please turn the page for chapter 11.

I think 50 cent is high, it's probably more like 5 cents.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

This jacket looks amazing:

Feels like they've been producing that piece for years, the sasquatch collab was great too


blacked out

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The blacked out looks ok. Reminds me of some undercover stuff I've seen. But I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that other stuff.
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I don't think they have their own thread, but ordered from oi polloi for the first time and wow is their international shipping fast.
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