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The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, JLC etc...) - Page 1773  

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Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post

That watch has a very, very nice profile. All these GO pictures lately have me back on the GO train.

why did you ever get off?

if this watch was in gold, id be jonesing for it so frikking bad.
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Stitchy you take the best pics. Did you mean if the GO was in white gold or yellow gold...?

Because it's so hard to convey how well finished and appealing a Nautilus is via photos, I have to try and try again. How's this shot?



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thanks, frill. i try to get some good shots. i did not mean either way, as long as it was gold. thats my next goal, a slim, or close to slim, simple gold dress watch. the JLC MS/MUS or MUSM is what i yearn for at present.

i think that pic is spectacular. but i know the contrast from the brush to polish is much awesomer irl. smile.gif
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in stiches - looks nice!  Good luck selling it.  =)

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thanks!! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by tifosi View Post

Finally posting a pic of my Speedy with my new strap and deployant all assembled!
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Looks great tifosi!

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Stitch, the fact that it's not in gold makes me sigh with unconsummated love.  It's great not wanting the same thing - I bet you go for skinny blonde chicks while I can only love dark and curvaceous.  I will try not to torture myself by monitoring your eBay listings!  


Frilly, that pic is beautiful.  The Stitchmeister is doubtless correct about the finish, but the dial looks extraordinary.  I've never seen on in person, but your pics alone are starting to convey the magic.



Nuke: the GO train.  As I mentioned a few days ago, I saw one I really, really liked - the Senator Perpetual Calendar.  It's lovely in all its forms, and the rose gold one I first saw really shone.  The other day while searching out VC, I came across the one that I think would suit me best - black dial, stainless steel, croc strap.  I put a pic from the net up the other day, but here it is in the flesh:






I really think it's gorgeous.  There are some steel perpetual calendars from cheaper makers like Longines that are probably very good value.  But I think GO is a few notches above, and I do love that German style.  That they make watches like this in steel to keep them in range of the dreams of mere mortals (as well as those who don't wear gold anyway) is a good thing.  And a bad thing.  I have a serious lust for this watch. :) 

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Saw a Lange in the flesh for the first time yesterday. OMG the pics don't do them justice, stunning watch. Almost walked into the glass trying to get closer...
Much smaller than I thought as well.

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Mimo: Yes, I was reading through that post the other day. I too really enjoy that PC. I think it is a nice amount of quirky, asymmetrical, and symmetrical. I pretty much echo everyone's thoughts about it. And I am not sure if you follow the used market very frequently my friend, but that watch drops like a darn rock on the secondary market. Of course, it is by no means inexpensive, but relatively speaking, with a little bit of patience you could pick one up without stretching yourself too too far. I have no doubt that you could pick up a pre-loved one for under $10k, which is of course about 40% of MSRP. GO is one of those brands that the used market makes a whole lot of sense for some of their models!

Frills: You make an excellent case for the Nautilus...
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I can't say I haven't looked - there don't seem to be many about.  But that's pretty much what I'm hoping. :)

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There are not too too many, but keep an eye out on the Timezone Showcase forum. I see them there from time to time.

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Alas, I'm still at the stage of cancelling $1k watches I was ordering, rather than ordering $10k watches.  But I've big plans for the coming year...:lol:

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mimo, buy my stuff!!!

also, the GO is spectacular, i really like that a lot.
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Beautiful GO, Stitch.. Wish I were made of moolah so we could make a deal. Alas I'll just have to settle for window-oogling
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i can make teh dealz, MSRP 6100, on ebay for 2995 right now. pristine condition, full box and papers. spam[1].gif
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