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Very interesting... I'm assuming at that price that it will be closer to MTM than bespoke?
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My understanding was that there will be fittings, but the process isn't up and running yet, so can't say for sure. There may be a forward but no basted or something like that. As I said, this is something new that they're trying out before really rolling it out full scale. By the time I'm back in January should know more.
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Gotcha. Regardless, very interesting. Look forward to finding out more.
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1000 Euro is good deal, though unless they travel I would probably have to count it out..
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That's a great price. Would love to try them out before prices start rising.
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It's the only local fabric distributor whose bunches you'll find in every sartoria in Naples (I was surprised to see that Ariston's bunches, the other fabric distributor around Naples that I had heard of, are almost nowhere to be found).

That's sounds so funny to me smile.gif

It's really apples and oranges. Have you an idea where Ariston is?? That is like flying to the moon for the average bespoke tailor in Naples. They will not ship you 3 suit lengths a year when they have clients like Isaia, Partenopea who simply buy loads and a few others who somehow organize themselves (more or less).
Cacciopoli is the ultimate convience for any regular tailor in Naples.You can walk there and get a length, even without having the bunches. And if you are a good friend, they'll open the warehouse outside of working hours. You don't even have to consider the fabrics or the variety they offer, that would already go to far, haha.
Cacciopoli 'expanded' quite a bit on SR, saw the bunches recently at Hardy Amies and at others.
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Sure, Ariston isn't in the city...but it's at least closer than say, Holland and Sherry, which you see almost everywhere. And it does market itself as Ariston Napoli. When asked, I was told, as you say, that it's more used by commercial RTW firms. Mina carries it, and I have heard also Orazio Luciano. But none of the other sartoria I've been to had it. I'm not saying anything about the quality of Ariston - I have a jacket of their fabric that I like. Just reporting that it isn't common to see it in Neapolitan sartorie.

Caccioppoli you can now find on the row, as well as in Asia, and as options in many of the MTM operations of the larger brands.
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Actually H&S is closer than Ariston as H&S have an agent for Napoli who visits the tailors (even if he is a notorious gossip) biggrin.gif.
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That green donegal is awesome. I wonder if I would have any occasion to actually wear it. Perhaps the jacket.
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Sure, but H&S is an English company. Anyway, I found it surprising that Ariston isn't more common, but perhaps others won't.
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I second Canta's lament. smile.gif
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Anyone have a sense of how much Caccioppoli charges for their summer jacketings?
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Paid 40e/m for my linen stuff.
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Fair price. Thanks.
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The Irish linens are some of the only fabrics that Caccippoli doesn't get from Italy - those are from the UK.
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