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Groom's and Groomsen's Tuxedos (Questions)

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Hi all, I am getting married next year and I am beginning to look for my tux, which I will be purchasing, as well as tuxes for my groomsmen, which they will be renting. I will list the details of the wedding, followed by a few questions that I have. I look forward to your guidance!




October Wedding

The venue is a mansion on a golf course. It's very early 20th century style.

My fiance's bridal party will be wearing mocha colored dresses.

I wear suits daily, and fit nicely into Brooks Brother's Fitzgerald cut.

I dress conservatively.

I will be 28 at the time of the wedding.

The wedding will be black tie optional, but I like to dress very formal.




1. Which lapel do you recommend? Is a shawl more formal than a peak? A peak more formal than a notch? Is it just a matter of preference?


2, I've been hearing different things about shoes,. Are patent leather oxfords the way to go? Tuxedo slippers? Nicely polished oxfords (not patent leather)?


3. Is it OK if my groomsmen wear different a different tux than I do? If I go with a Zegna, Canali,or Brooks Brothers tux, will it look ridiculous if they go with a Men's Wearhouse rental? Or should I wear the same tux as they do?


4. Where should I have my groomsmen rent their tuxes? I am not going to ask them to spend more than $200 on the rental, so I am thinking Men's Wearhouse.


5. Considering the bride's maids will be wearing mocha dresses, should the men wear matching vests and bow ties? If not, which do you recommend - black or white? Is white more formal?


6. Should I opt to not have a vest? Recommendations?


7. Cufflink recommendations? I'm thinking sterling silver/white gold with onyx studs.


8. If we don't need to wear patent leather shoes, should I allow my groomsmen to wear their own oxfords or require them to rent? I assume require them to rent since I won't know how polished their shoes will be (or how appropriate they will be, for that matter), but I'm open to recommendations.


Thank you!

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Read this thread and then post there with questions:
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Awesome, thank you.
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Quick answers: Peak more formal than shawl. No notch lapels. No coloured bowties. Onyx links. Shiny black shoes. Also read.
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