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Apollo Dress Shirts

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Has anybody here had experience with an Apollo dress shirt? Am I better off just buying Brooks Brothers shirts?



Copy-pasted from the Kickstarter page:


Key Features of Apollo Shirt

To start, we use a knit synthetic blend, instead of a woven cotton. That's the first step in achieving these results:

1) Heat management: Your temperature rises and falls many times throughout the day.Using the same technology that NASA uses in space suits, our proprietary blend of fibers, “Apollo” will literally control your body temperature. Imagine you're outside on a hot day.  Apollo uses Phase-change Materials (PCMs) to pull heat away from your body and actually store it in the shirt - like a battery.  This way, when you get back into your AC'ed office, the shirt will release the heat back to you and keep your skin at the temperature it should be at. The difference is noticeable, and can change your day. Ministry of Supply is literally bringing this technology down from space.

2) Moisture management: Your body naturally sweats throughout the day. Using an engineering-driven approach, our unique blend of fibers will wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry -- in the hottest or tensest of situations.  

3) Odor control: Your skin releases oils and other materials, which leads to bacteria. Bacteria is the leading cause of odor. By using an anti-microbial coating, as well as Silver threads, the Apollo shirt takes care of pesky odors.

4) Dynamic motion: All day long, you are moving. You walk briskly, sit down, stand up, climb stairs, shake hand -- and do thousands of movements you no longer notice. But we do. By using tests like Strain Analysis (see FAQ for more detail), and designing the shirt with your motion in mind, the Apollo shirt adapts to your movements -- it stays tucked in all day, and moves with your body rather than against it.




All this, and there’s still more...

Because we use our proprietary high grade synthetic blend, the Apollo shirt is truly wrinkle free

The Apollo shirt is also much more sustainable than your typical dress shirt: 

  • Unlike traditional dress shirts, we don’t use toxic chemical coatings like Formaldehyde (has been classified as a cancer-causing substance and is toxic for the environment) to achieve wrinkle-free status.
  • Since our shirts are machine wash only, no need for the awful chemicals dry cleaners love.  
  • If you choose -- the shirts don’t need to be washed as often, saving some water and a few chemicals too! 

Finally, we’re hugely supportive of manufacturing in the United States. Everything from the fabric to the packaging is made in the USA.  Like recently successful Kickstarter project Flint and Tinder, we’re focused on bringing jobs to America.



Is it just a marketing gimmick to justify selling synthetic materials at high prices? I did a brief Google search but I could not find any reviews. Anybody willing to try it out and let us know how it is?

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"Is it just a marketing gimmick to justify selling synthetic materials at high prices"


Any time someone mentions SPAAAACE, you can be pretty sure this is the case. Plus a lot of that crap about 'normal' shirts is ludicrous. I wouldn't be a 'last ditcher' attached to natural fabrics for nothing but sentimental/traditional reasons if someone actually came up with a synthetic fibre that was unarguably better than cotton for making shirts out of, it doesn't seem like an impossible thing to do, but the stuff you quoted above does not inspire confidence that these are the folks who've done that :)

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The part that really had me questioning the quality was (not quoted, it might have been on their website somewhere) when they said that the seams were machine-fused and somehow more durable than hand-sewn seams. But to be fair, the project was founded at MIT so I do think that the cloth features could be correct, even if the construction is questionable. The comments on the Kickstarter page seem favorable but I was hoping that somebody at SF might have tried it out already.

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well hey, it's possible. I'm no textile expert, just a jackass on the internet with an opinion. I am good at teh intarwebz, though, and I did a bit of searching for you, and I'm pretty sure neither this company nor the Apollo shirt specifically have come up on SF before. Now I read a few more pages and their actual website - - it does look kinda like an interesting idea and the kickstarter page was maybe just a bit of amateurish PR, so I'd be kinda interested to know what they're like too. Not sure I'm interested enough to buy one though :P edit: also, as a 15.75" collar, they seem to have horrible sizing for me - "15-15.5" and "16-16.5".

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Maybe I'll get one when it goes on sale (if ever). But at $108 + shipping to Canada, its not worth the risk of being stuck with something that I don't like

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so has any 1 here had any experiences with their shirts or undershirts ?
they now even have a 4 way stretch dress pant ! bit like stretchy hiking pants i guess, handy for the pushy ride into work
i may hold out until more reviews come out but their Apollo shirt does look a better fit than my recent BB ESF shirts (wont need taking in on sides)
is there any 1 on these forums who does product testing with detailed reviews, that would be handy.
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The MOS Stuff is outstanding - like Under Armor Professional Wear.


That being said, it is synthetic materials but the implementation is solid.


I have the Aero pants and the Apollo Dress shirts and during the hot summer days, they were perfect.


By the way, the fabric on the Apollo does what they keeps you cool

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How does it rate during the winter? Better than BB?

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Some of the ideas on their site are clever, and I find the utilitarianism refreshing, but the notion that these kids (and only these kids) somehow stumbled upon the best fabric ever for the human body, (and oddly only applied to male dress shirts), is ludicrous. The textiles industry is giant, and anyone with even an amateur understanding of cloth knows that only a limited variety of fabrics are adaptable to the demands and social expectations of tailored clothing. Ignoring the fact that the descriptors on their website are hopelessly vague, that they think '12' prototypes is impressive, and that no athletic, womenswear, military, or other relevant manufacturer has picked up on it, I'd say this is pretty close to a scam... or a PR firm that totally screwed up some nerd's idea.
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