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"Dressing the Man" has a photo of a shirt jacket that looks pretty dressy, and the author presents it as suitable for business casual. None of the photos I've seen in this thread look anywhere near that nice. Flusser seems to imply that a shirt jacket is a new idea in semi-nice dressing, but after a few weeks of Googling, I really can't find much out there beyond the backwoods-looking plaids.


I like the idea of a jacket that's a slight stepdown in dressiness from a sports coat.

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One version that is pretty common, and looks good worn casually, imo, way better than the "Safari jacket" versions shown here, are CPO shirts. One of the better ones is my Engineered Garments:

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^I had an old Woolrich one like that in the 80's. The safari type remind me too much of colonialism or the dictators that took over afterwards. But I can see their utility.
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This is the nicest I've seen so far, but I decided it wouldn't fit me:


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I have a shirt jacket/safari/field jacket from Alberto Aspesi I've been wearing a lot during summer and fall. It's made of light cotton similar to a a summer chino, unlined of course, double vents, shirt collar (with throat latch) and cuffs, hidden 4-button-placket and four pockets. The top pockets are some kind of one-piece-pockets, something I've never seen before.





Since I can't wear dressier than shirt, chino and brown derbies, that shirt jacket is a very welcome and versatile addition to my wardrobe. I'm thinking about getting another one made in heavy cotton like calvary twill or wool for winter. Probably a little bit dressier with three patch pockets, slightly longer body and slightly rounded/open quarters.


I might end with something very similar to the Spanish Teba jackets, which are intriguing me for quite some time. Are Guayabera shirt qualifed for this thread?

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I'm looking for a shirt jacket for spring/summer - wearing to work over an OCBD kind of thing. I like the safari style ones I've seen with four bellow pockets, but I'm open to others. I've been looking all over and found pictures of many examples that I like, but none that I can actually buy online right now. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Nice safari shirt jacket by Budd, made for Simon at Permanent Style


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I'm planning on getting a shirt jacket made up and thus thought I'd resurrect this thread.

My shirtmaker suggested either heavy linen or heavy cotton for the shirt jacket - what are the pros/cons of each? I was fairly set on linen, but after the cotton suggestion, thought I'd ask here for some opinions.
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I have made shirt jackets out of Linen, cotton, and both lightweight and heavy weight wool.

all three work well.
the only advantage of cotton over linen is that you can wear cotton further into the fall.

My only other suggestion is to have the fabric prewashed and shrunk prior to cutting.
the pre-wash will save any headaches if the jacket is laundered and possibly over dried later on.
it will also soften up the fabric and look more relaxed.
make sure the lining inside the collar and cuffs is soft. and not fused.
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Thanks for the tips!
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