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Shoeshine london

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Guys I dont know of many shoe shine services in london apart from shoeshine UK in Hilton Park Lane.
Is this art dying out as we need to keep hold of these traditions like wet shaving etc
Heres an example
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In my opinion a man should know and should do his own shoe shining, taking care of your shoes for me means much more that just cleaning your shoes, It means that you care about things and probably that reflects in many other aspects of your life.

Another important thing, I only use Saphir Medaille D'or products on my shoes and I've never seen a shoeshiner using them although they are considered the best thing you could treat your shoes with. That always leads me to think that there isn't a single person that could care more about my own shoes than myself and that's why I love taking the time and love to care for them home.
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yes I can do this for you.. I have a moblie shoeshine service.
wax polish , horsehair brushes, excellent shine.
3.00 pounds a pair.
I used to do the shoeshine pitch at bank station.
you can also contact my mobile 07930152201
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The person who runs this blog - - is a shoe shiner at Gieves & Hawkes on Savile Row.

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I can help! Go see the guy at the Burlington Arcade. He even has his own website now  I used to go all the time when I lived there

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Ok now
I have used both Shoeshine UK at Hilton Park Lane,Shoe Snob and Burlington Arcade
First two brilliant and by hand the arcade can do better myself so wont go back there its just brushing and not good nice website though
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Originally Posted by davesmith View Post

The person who runs this blog - - is a shoe shiner at Gieves & Hawkes on Savile Row.

He is also based at Selfridges now (in the afternoons - G&H in the mornings).
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Yes i agree or @ShoehineUk Hilton park lane both very very good justin is great shoe snob
The rest are just no good im sure kiwi is used by some and re packaged to hide the fact

So shoe snob or @ShoeshineUk for me
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If you are not actually the guy who runs the shoe shine stall at the Park Lane Hilton,
you must at hold least significant shares in the business. biggrin.gif
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Justin shoe snob is just as good I just have a passion for my shoes and feel that apart from Justin and Hilton its a dying art.
Would like to see more that take pride and not just on look out for quick turn around
I have used Steven at Hilton for a while and tried Justin but I travel to Europe and theres nobody.
Even in Italy and France its rare.
Might buy some shares lol or start my own im sure many in this day amd age would love a job
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