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Razor burn

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I've been shaving shaving the same way for as long as I can remember, but recently, say...the past 2 weeks, I've been getting really bad razor burn. My jaw and neck burn and itch after every shave, no matter how long I soak them with warm water and how well I lather. I shave once with the "grain," then go back over the heavier areas against the grain. Maybe I have become allergic to the razon/shaving cream...Any ideas on some new approaches that may help?
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What kind of razor and cream are you using? If you check the archives, we had a thread like this a while back. I don't know about the other guys' experiences on the Forum, but going back and forth over the grain might be too much. I personally use, and highly recommend, Art of Shaving products. www.artofshaving.com. The pre-shave oil in particular might help alleviate your problem.
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Did you change anything else you put on your face, like any cleansers? Sometimes people make some other change that takes away natural oils or dries out the skin more, which results in not being able to stand up to razors the same way.
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With the weather changing, your skin my either be dry or getting sweat pimples. If this is the case, shaving irritates the condition and does not allow proper healing time. If this persists, I recommend taking a day or two off of shaving (if you work, the weekend is obviously the better time), and let your skin heal. Just a thought.
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Thanks for the help fellas. I had been using Nivea's shave cream and Neutrogena's after shave lotion. I switched to Nivea's sensative skin shave cream and the irritation has gone down some. It seems quite odd for this to start all of the sudden.
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Hey, Why don´t you buy a shaving machine. Personally, I use one of this devices. My kind of beard however is very scarce so I don´t irritate my skin very much. I only apply alcohol after shaving and don´t use aftershave creams.
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