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For Sale:
Vintage Dack's ANTELOPE Plaintoes (10.5)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I found these yesterday and thought that someone here who wears exotics might like them: a pair of Dack's 100% antelope plaintoes, sized 10.5E. The shoes are fully welted and fully lined. Dack's--for Americans who've never heard of the company--was Canada's Allen Edmonds for 100+ years. They did a lot of work with exotic hides.


My camera's terrible, so forgive the poor pictures. The first picture was taken in natural light. The others were taken with a flash, which makes the shoes look worn or dirty. They're not.


The shoes are stamped "Genuine Antelope" on the insoles, and the uppers are in excellent (9/10) condition. The heels and soles have plenty of life, but someone's kicked a curb with the right shoe and taken a small piece of rubber out of the right heel. I've uploaded a picture.


There's no room to haggle on these, as I'm selling them at cost (with shipping included--free--in North America).