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My name is Chris and i am a style "tragic"


But I am really here because I am taking part in a massive 54 hour software company building exercise.

We have had 54 hours to build a company from scratch and make it work.


Its been awesome and we are currently just over half way through

Webiste is and if I can get more people in and participating we can make it AWESOME!!!



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I'm Gavin, and I kept finding this forum in search results when I'd google various clothing related topics. So I figured it was time to join. 


I'm a business owner in the media sector, try my hand at DJing in my spare time, and deeply into an eclectic array of music. A personal goal of mine is to look at least half as well styled as the artists I'm a huge fan of, as to me rock and fashion are ideal compliments.


I enjoy good food, films, travel, etc. Scotch-Irish, and INTJ. 


I tend to see items of clothing I like in films and TV shows and hopefully by posting some images on here, I'll be able to learn what they are and add them to my growing wardrobe - I'm on a mission to replace a huge portion of it with things I will actually wear and are quality, so that EVERY option I have is a good one.

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Aloha guys. I am Disphol from Thailand and just joined the forum a few mins ago.

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Hi all, a new member from Finland here. I've chanced upon this site quite a few times while searching info on shoes and clothing, and finally registered.

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Hello SF.  The magic of Google led me to the forum and I can see already that there is much for me to learn!


I posted an initial thread asking for some tuxedo advice.  We can talk about my Tommy Bahama shirt addiction later. 

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Hello SF.


New here, NY native.. 

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Hi there! My name is Fraser, I'm based in London and I blog about men's fashion, style, and gadgets on my blog UK Gadget Review and here on Style Forum. I mainly go for a smart 20's inspired look with a few intentional anachronisms like multi-coloured brogues or Ted Baker waistcoats. I'm starting to try to introduce a casual summer suit into the mix but I find it hard to pull off in a casual environment!


I'm particularly interested in the influence of Film and TV on men's fashion and in trying to replicate the looks that I love.


Looking forward to joining the team!




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Hey all. I'm CDMac. I'm a former Marine living in the great state of Colorado. I recently started a new position that is amiable to dressing more professionally so I'm looking to build a wardrobe. I've been in IT where the job called for jeans and polo shirts. Now, a more customer/client facing position warrants putting on some grown up clothes and I'm loving that. Thanks for all the great posts I've read on this site already. I tend to hang out in the Allen Edmonds appreciation and the shoe care threads.
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Google brings me to some strange places. Anyway I wear jeans not denim, just cause I can.



Where can I find this stuff??


PLEASE NOTE: From now on, no more NSFW threads will be allowed in here. All the NSFW (appreciation, etc.) threads that tend to have near-nudity have been moved to Dumb Threads (with redirects).  All new NSFW threads should go in DT as well. Thanks.

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Ray, UI/graphic designer for the University of Oregon. When I'm not training or making pretty templates, I'm thinking about shoes. A lot.

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Hi everyone, just found this forum and seems really good, some great topics covered here. Cant wait to jump in. See you around!

— Jon

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Hey, I'm Greg from Seattle. Work in finance, and appreciate a tailored fit.


My interest in personal style has abruptly surfaced, and I'm making up for lost years. Back in 2010 I was mostly a 300lb anti-social computer geek, but a series of life decisions turned that upside down. Distance running and weight lifting brought me down to 180lbs, from a size XXL shirt to a M, and 52" waist down to 31". It's a given that I needed an entirely new wardrobe.


As I have limited budgets, cost/value is important in addition to fit, and below are some of my current tastes in clothing:


Shirts: Express 1MX Fitted

Pants: Mostly wear jeans, Bonobos Travel

Shoes: Johnston & Murphy, also recently discovered Allen Edmonds

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A New member here!


Been interested in decent men's clobber ever since. Nowadays (as it's been for a long time) I dress very ivy league - nor 'preppy' neither 'trad'. Having said this, i find myself crawling back to the good ole football casual style of my mid twenties.. (now forty-ish)


Anyway, cheers to you lot

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Hi! I am Bradford. Been an SF lurker for a year, just gathering info. 27yo just out of the military looking for advice on how to dress for a civilian job. 


Just starting my shoe collection, becoming a huge AE fan. Already have too many!


Few OTR suits tailored of course. Having trouble getting up the courage to try an online MTM suit, but will soon.


Looking forward to joining the discussion

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hi im steve, my wardrobe consists of mostly Lee jeans i bought in the 80's,sweatshirts that i wear inside out when they get dirtyshog[1].gif and canvas in my 50's 5'8'' tall and a little bit portly.. any fashion tips you could give me would be greatly appreciated..

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