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^ Outstanding debut!


You should post this in the WAYWRN thread. It belongs there more than here.

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Blue Monday:



Ring Jacket A-1

Uniqlo linen knit top

Orslow jeans

RM Williams boots

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Black looks wrong with blue denim to me. I like the outfit otherwise. I guess you think the usual brown or tan suede is boring?
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 Unfortunately too often are observed tight pants of feminine aspect

I would like to recommend throwing away all skinny, slim or others ugly fits for trousers.

Learn from MacArthur (on the left), with these beautiful khaki pants, full, hight rise and pleated.

They'll return...


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Yeah, take it from a "sack suit lover" lol. For the longest time, menswear included skin tight pants, all rich men posed with their legs and calves shown, and it's mostly mostly due to the victorian era's backlash against indulgence of fashion that men stopped doing it, and it's only due to that period that legs and calves became linked with femininity becauses dresses and skirts were still worn by women but tights were not by men (and we've never recovered from that link), and thus, due also to the growing association of effeminacy with homosexuality, it's now seen as "unmasculine". In short, that perspective is homophobic in root. gj sir. There's nothing innately masculine or non masculine about tight or non tight trousers. If you don't like it tight, as most people here don't, then don't wear it, just don't claim it to be any more than an arbitrary cultural development. Then again, men wearing trousers instead of skirts and dresses or robes is also an arbitrary ("western") thing, but I guess that won't stop you from slapping labels onto them.


Anyway, here's a lot of brown.



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@Isolation, Thanks for a very informative history lesson, but your seeing homophobia in every other post gets a bit tedious.
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Originally Posted by EliodA View Post

@Isolation, Thanks for a very informative history lesson, but your seeing homophobia in every other post gets a bit tedious.

I have to agree with the spirit of this. It doesn't seem at all homophobic to me for someone to suggest that the goal of classic menswear, or at least one of them, is to emphasize make attributes as opposed to female.
Of course we can wear whatever we want but the term "menswear" implies, to me, clothes that are flattering to men and exemplify a male aesthetic.
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Sorry, guys, but I'm with Isolation on this one - sacksuitlover has got issues which aren't strictly sartorial, and the example he showed of what he considered "proper fit" would be laughed out of town, were someone to wear trousers that loose and long in these fora today.

For myself, I've not been in my current state of svelte-ness since the first Reagan administration - I'll be damned if I'm going to hide myself in blousy trousers if I don't have to.
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I recall the last round of sacksuitlover's posts, he suggested that we should all dress like Mickey Rourke in Angel Heart.


The Internet, dude.

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I think the point is that "male attributes" and the "male aesthetic" do not exist a priori. They are, as expressed in any particular instance, the result of context, time, and various other factors.

There are two very interesting threads right here on SF in which General MacArthurs trousers might not be laughed at (although I bet they'd lose a few thumbs for not being black... smile.gif).

Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread)

EXTREMELY ADVANCED: official oversized/next level clothing thread
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I have no issue with people who prefer aesthetics/interpretations of masculinity that do not allow for tight or skinny trousers, and I don't have issue with people who say they think it looks better, but it's another thing to


a) say it like it's some kind of objectively more masculine aesthetic


b) ignore the fact that if you think the change from skinny tights in Georgian era to the fuller trousers is valid, then surely the current trend of changing from said fuller trousers to skinny jeans could also be valid.


I don't like super tight trousers either, but making it some kind of statement about masculinity is factually incorrect. Tight trousers/pantaloons/tight things and showing off sweet ass calves had one point been considered extremely manly. It isn't any longer, yes I am aware, but what this means is that fuller cuts aren't "innately" more masculine, so yes, you can say tight trousers are now associated as feminine, and you can say that you like fuller trousers, but trying to tack on some psuedo science and say "fuller trousers are naturally more effective at accentuating masculine traits" is not true.


Anyway I don't mean to be tedious, I will tone it down.


That said, and this has nothing to do with lgbt politics, I personally think sack suits look terrible.

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Nice fit, @Koala-T and

@Gerry Nelson


Blurry image, today :/

Somehow I feel I look like @jcmeyer long lost twin brother on these... same looking chin :P





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Thanks, @Chulillo !


I can totally see the resemblance between you and @jcmeyer in these pictures. That jacket is rad.

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All my pants are slim, some think tight. I'm pretty sure people probably think I'm "gay" but meh it is what it is. I live in Toronto and most people downtown dress well. I don't see an issue.
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I also like slimmer trousers and denim. I think I look better in them and so does my wife so at the end of the day thats what matters. IMO most people that are in decent shape look sharper in slimmer clothes, but again it is just my opinion. Of course i dont wear skinny jeans (truly skin tight jeans that you see nowadays) but thats because its really not my style and i dont think i would look good in something like that. There are others that can pull it off.
I dont think ISOs pants above (the brown ones) are too skinny in any sense.
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