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I'm not judging, but the jeans cuff thing is a young man's game. Do women find that sexy if cuff is over 2 inches? Could look like a fly fisherman in "A River Runs Through It"
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Nope. Women don't find a lot of things sexy, including pleated pants that sit around your belly button.* But that doesn't mean they can't look good.

* I was trying on some new formal pants I got, and my wife said almost those exact words: "when will men realize that women don't find pleated pants sexy?" Then I put on my new tailcoat and she said, "they don't look so bad now."

Don't focus on one single element. Focus on the whole picture. Some things that look terrible in isolation can look great when put in the appropriate context.
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Originally Posted by pravda View Post

I'm not judging, but the jeans cuff thing is a young man's game. Do women find that sexy if cuff is over 2 inches?

Maybe I know too many rockabillies/vintage fetishists, but I tend not to do 3", 3.5" cuffs that often because it's kind of old hat.  Everyone I know who does it has been doing it for decades—some since 1977.  I know one dude who got made fun of by one John Lydon for doing it, right around then.


But if you go to East LA, say, you'll see a whole new generation of young Chipsters doing it, every generation.  Just follow the Bombas and lowriders.  Maybe it is an LA thing, as well.

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Also, women don't find things sexy.  Women sometimes might find people sexy, if those people play their cards right.

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If anyone here knows what women find sexy, I implore you to write a book about it.  Inquiring minds would like to know.  I'm happily married, but for the life of me was never able to answer that question save for one woman.  

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My lady likes me the best in a suit or in classic menswear... Because that's when I feel the best, and she likes it when I'm happy.

There's a moral in there somewhere for someone more eloquent than me.
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There are essentially two types of woman, and two things they respectively find sexy.


1.) Someone who is confident, interesting, and interested in them


2.) A big bag of money


Being fit helps.  Youth is a factor but not all that important.  If you have one of the above criteria in sufficient abundance, you can get away with being pretty old, fat, and ugly.


Fortunately the second kind of woman is, for most of us, fairly easy to avoid.



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Ive always felt that if you be you.. that for a lot of women that is sexy enough... it does not hurt if you know how to look decent in a suit or tux either, lol

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On the subject of folded up excess in trousers, when I was younger (and Eisenhower was President) the excess in my trousers was sewn up inside, and let down as needed, ending up with the results shown in this picture.

However, once one is fully grown, I don't see the purpose of folded up excesses in trousers.....

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On the discussion of cuffs on denim.



They will be hemmed soon so they probably will no longer have cuffs at all. Anyone who has experience on raw denim knows that you have to wear them a bit before you decide when and how to cuff them.

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So I figured that since my shirts had collars, these fits could belong here without stretching the meaning of MC Casual too much.. X-post from the RRL thread in SWD

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Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post

The last three people to post fits in jeans have had at least 3 inch cuffs.  I don't spend much time in the SWD side, but I'm guessing this is a thing.  On the CM side, pant cuffs pretty much max out at 2 inches.  I was wondering what is the max cuff for denim, if there is one?  

I am not sure it is a thing so much as personal preference. Personal preference for me is that 3" is a little much, and if I need to roll my jeans that much, I will usually roll them twice over with a smaller cuff.. that said, I am actually having a bunch of my denim hemmed with a chainstitch hem so that I don't need to roll them anymore. I don't stack, and just want some variety in terms of how I can wear jeans..
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Originally Posted by thefoxtooth View Post


Cool coat, who makes it??
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Some recent work fits:











(apologies for gauzy instagram filtering)

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@gnatty8 I like those black boots. Where are they from?

@Cotton Dockers +1 for O'Connells!
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