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Got the new oxfords, glad i didn't get slims
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btw there is a slim small oxford on the uniqlo shop, supa rare
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Got the new oxfords, glad i didn't get slims

Why not slim?
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The fit seems slimmer to me than the winter oxfords, also material is lighter.
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got the grey sweatpants in--same fit as the black ones

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I got a large in the sweatpants.. sorta think they are too baggy
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would an S fit me in the slim fit oxford? 5'9'' ~35.5 chest, 145 lbs ~16.5 shoulders usually or should i wait for xs?

small in efm sweaters/t shirts if that helps, xs in blazers
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I'm about your size and I wear a xs in the regular Oxford, not sure about the slim fit ones.
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Uniqlo sizing sounds big... 5"9 145lbs and wearing only XS? I'm 5"7 and 132lbs... That means the XS stuff I ordered will not fit me...baldy[1].gif
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I'm 5'7 175lbs and wear a medium.
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Height/weight isn't all that helpful, need chest measurement for a top. I'm 5'10 145-150 and take a medium in slim fit but i have a 39 chest.
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39" chest here
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Was in store at the Shanghai Uniqlo flagship today.  They were out of Navy tasmanian wool suits in my size along with herringbone slim perfect cargoes unfortunately.  Saw the sweats but honestly would rather get H&M sweats that taper more.  Wanted to pick up a stretch down jacket...but not at full price.    Everything UU is on sale and they have loads of it.


Walked out with a floral print shirt (they also have some that aren't on the U.S. website I think), slim fit navy polka dot shirt, and UU cargo-trouser things (in grey wool) I didn't know existed.  Floral print shirt might be going back tomorrow because it doesn't fit that well and I'm not sure I like the pattern that much/might want to get a different pattern.




5'9' ,155 =

-asian large in the slim fit dress shirts (navy polkadot)  39.5" chest, it's borderline snug and also small in the shoulder area.   

-asian large as well in the normal shirts (floral print) but they're loose/unflattering in the body and a little bit large in the shoulder area.  

-both are way too long for unbuttoned shirts IMO, gonna have to get them shortened probably


Just can't win. ffffuuuu.gif



Also - wtf they're completely out of t shirts.  I WANT T SHIRTS

Going back at some point to check out slim fit oxfords vs regular oxfords and maybe hit up other stores to try and find a navy suit in my size/cargoes in my size.

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Anyone else notice that Uniqlo shirts continue to shrink in the length over time? I feel like all my shirts gradually get shorter to about where they should be, they are way too long when i buy them.
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Yeah I've noticed that too, at first my shirt was way too long but now it's the best fitting shirt I own. Just hope it doesn't continue to shrink, hah.

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