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Oddly enough it was fixed about a half hour after I wrote that. I use Safari and I have noticed that the Uniqlo site doesn't load well with this browser nor does style forum oddly enough. It was fixed though, I wish someone would work on better coding with that site.

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I wish someone would work better at restocking their premium tees.
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Agreed, as awesome as some of their stuff is the turnaround time for restocking their inventory could be better. In good news copped a couple cardigans from them the other day love the feel of them.

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This is how good the Uniqlo suit looks this year
Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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tie too wide
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^add your comment to NMWA thread. I need some comments before kopping the same Cravatte you got
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Looks nice toasty.
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i think the tie width should be considered along with overall jacket size and lapel width, the really good raw silk ones i got are 8 and the brese is 8.5 for my size 40 jackets

9 is what some mc guys prefer but they're also wearing 42-46 size jackets so that works for them and why some don't like 8cm

also im fucking with you, it's fine but you need to stop buying cheap ass shirts and it'll look better
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thanks, i may make the jump to Kamakura in 2014. Need to revamp the CM closet space
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I've been really happy with how my Kamakura shirts have held up.
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Dem suit pants are so baggy, how could you not get them tailored?? I tailored the shit out of mine haha
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top looks good

bottom, less so--way baggy, and that break needs work

looks like you just didn't get it altered after buying
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I really wonder what their deal is with processing returns. It's being shipped from a state away, so why does it take +2 weeks?
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just like nike man it takes 2 weeks to get a refund

toast is bottom heavy now
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