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Please don't haze the new guy!

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What's up guys, I just recently discovered this site while scouring through a few fashion tip sites. So, being the obvious "new guy on the block" are there any do's or dont's I should know about before I make myself look like an ass? Also, what kind or color suit should not be worn to a "meet your new company" kind of meeting, any tips or suggestions?
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Top three colors not to be worn in a business meeting or interview: 3.) Olive Green (I own one, I love it, I wear it all the time to church with a nice medium blue shirt and silver tie but, nonetheless, it is not appropriate) 2.) Light Gray (may look good in a club atmosphere but still too casual looking for a meeting) 1.) Beige or Tan (Never, and I mean never, wear a suit of this color to a meeting of any sorts, no matter how casual the work place) As for tips, you would have to be more specific seeing is there are literally thousands that could be listed that may not be relevant to you in the least.
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Okay, say I go with the solid black, 3-button suit, what would be the perfect shirt/tie combo. I am willing to find and buy what I don't already have to make this perfect. Cole-Haan, silver buckled black shoes, or Banana Rep. black w/2 hole laces?
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Go with a white straight point collar dress shirt (DKNY, Express, Perry Ellis; those are not terribly expensive), a silver or light gray monotone stitched or striped pattern tie (Meeting Street, Daltryn, Nautica; also not terribly expensive), with the silver buckled shoes.
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I am going to have to respectfully disagree. For a business meeting, stay with lace-up shoes, NOT monk-straps. Monk straps are more casual (and are starting to go out of style). A classis lace-up shoe goes perfect with suits. Just don't get too chunky of a heal. Remember, the make or break accessory for a guy is his shoes.
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I agree with GQ Lawyer about the monkstraps - they are too casual, especially for a "meet the company" meeting. When it comes to the color of the suit, I wouldn't wear a solid black suit. It's very formal and may look a little too severe. I prefer a navy blue or dark gray - it's conservative but sharp-looking, especially when worn with the right shirt, tie, *and* shoes
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@ GQ Lawyer: You said that shoes are VERY important and I definitely agree wit you. So tell me, do you like black leather-shoes from BOSS? I'm thinking about buying a pair.
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Boss has some nice leather shoes depending on the style. I am a big fan of Feragamo and Bally leathers. But, for the money, Boss is more trendy/stylish.
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Thanx Lawyer. But one more question: What do you mean by "for the money"? I thought they're all about the same price.?
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I may stand corrected depending on the style of shoes, but I have found that Bally shoes tend to be $350 - $500, Ferragamos right around the same price range, and Boss shoes around $150 - $300. I know that I paid $375 for my Ferragamo cap-toes, but only $175 for my Boss'.  I have my heart set on these $400 Bally chelsea boots, but my budget won't allow them at this point (I just shelled out way too much for my honeymoon and am not broke.).
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