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What do you guys do when you're not exfoliating?

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The label on all products state that one shouldn't exfoliate everyday. What do you do in those days that you don't exfoliate? Am I suppose to use those multi-action face wash? In case I'm not very clear, what do you guys do in substitution of exfoliation?
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Just regular Allen's face wash. I also use a clay mask 2x a week from Zirh(?)

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Wash your face. Then moisturize. There are also some scrubs that claim to be gentle enough for daily use.
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Basic face wash works well on non-exfoliating days.
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Nothing. All of my time is consumed with exfoliation.

One of the funniest thread titles ever

I use an exfoliating Dove bar. It's gentle enough to not damage the skin, even if you use it every day. Then exfoliate for real maybe two days a week.
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Continuous winter, in law, alteration of the provisions of a season.

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Originally Posted by BrianKimberly
I crash all night and I falter all day.

I may use this as my sig.
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Get a product with a label that doesn't say that. A mild exfoliant should be safe to use daily. The Aqua Glycolic line has such products.
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Not exfoliate???

Every day I don't exfoliate. I do shave, and the scraping action is enough to remove hair, some skin, a little blood, and a maybe few nerve endings. Maybe I should ask the mrs about this exfoliate business.
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IMO shaving is plenty enough exfoliation. i dont even wash most of my face on weekdays before I shave. I just wash the 't-zone'; forehead and nose area.
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Zirh alpha hydroxy face wash. I exfoliate about once a week.
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I almost never wash my face, maybe once a month at most. Yet, people are always genuinely surprised at how young I look - at age 30, I still get carded regularly. People at agencies I audit always ask if I am interning. Am I just really lucky or is there an alternative school of thought that washing the face is bad for you? Does living in a humid, warm climate help? I'm genuinely not fishing for compliments or bragging, I'm just really curious. Thanks.
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There seems to be a growing camp that thinks that constantly stripping the natural oils from your face, causes your face to produce more and more in overdrive mode, causing you to be worse off in the long run. I don't go that far, I do wash my head and nose, but not much more, and my skin is great. It's when I buy all the specialized face products is when I break out.
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why would you avoid washing your face?
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Because it almost never gets dirty. I just realize though, that I shave with soap, so maybe I am kidding myself and I do actually wash my face everyday. Sounds obvious, but I just never thought about it until right now. Please excuse the threadjack, I'm off to go figure out where the sun is going to set.
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