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Ventile cloth

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Thinking of having a sports jacket / safari jacket made and heard about the "Ventile" cotton.
Did any of you guys buy directly from them? Also, and most important, did anyone try to have something like this made?
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lost worlds has a ventile peacoat. go here and ctrl+f ventile (it's almost at the bottom of the page):
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Ventile is great stuff, super tightly-twisted cotton super-tightly woven making it pretty water proof.

The back story is that the cloth was really put to use during the battle of Britian - RAF pilots wore it in order to extend their survival time in the North Sea. Churchill was a great believer.

I have a barbour style jacket made of it from Orvis amd am a believer having used it on several seriously wet days in Wales and Virginia.

Wouldn't suggest it for a safari or summer jacket - the cloth is so tightly woven that it is semi stiff and doesn't breath the way linen or a more open weave would. I think you'd roast in it during the summer, let alone on safari.

I vote, no.

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