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one day in toronto with my family in June. we are from chicago, so I want to avoid anything that we could, potentially, do in chicago better. 8 year old, twin 3 year olds. we like art, we pretty much never pay to see live sports.

any and all suggestions are welcome!
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There's the Royal Ontario Museum. I'm sure you have museums in chicago but they're all different. Canada's Wonderland? there's a big zoo that's not far. I dunno... All big cities are kinda the same in a lot of ways. Your 8 year old would probably love the restaurant in the CN tower, but with 2 3 year olds you probably don't want to bring them to a relatively fancy restaurant.
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i think canada's wonderland would be a good idea for your kids. ontario place is another idea.
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Science Centre was always fun when I was a kid.
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I have not been in years, but centre island may be a spot to go for theme park fun.
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Originally Posted by Qubaduck View Post
Science Centre was always fun when I was a kid.

Originally Posted by doink View Post
I have not been in years, but centre island may be a spot to go for theme park fun.

Both are good. I enjoyed them when I was a kid.
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It's always hard to recommend specific highlights in Toronto because the city is more about the vibe and the neighbourhoods. It takes a while to get a feel for the place. If you're into art and architecture, check out the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was recently renovated by Frank Gehry and was beautifully done. The gallery has an excellent collection of Canadian art--there's lots of Group of Seven. Thomson's model ship collection downstairs is pretty cool, too, and something the kids may enjoy.
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for art, there's also the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA).

Also, you might be interested in checking out the northern part of Bathurst St and Thorn Hill (north of Toronto). A lot of Israeli expats live there, so you may find food you haven't had in a while
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this weekend, as part of Open Doors Toronto, i got to see the museum of inuit art. i have to say was quite inspiring, even though it was tiny, for a museum. also, right of the waterfront touristy area
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Luminato is on in's kind of cool.

There is also the Distillery District, which has some good indie-art galleries.
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I'd probably suggest a walking trip, starting from Yonge and Bloor, heading west through Yorkville, south at Avenue (past the ROM, you can stop by if you wish), passing through the University of Toronto Campus, down to Queen Street, and then heading West. You'll pass Much Music, the youngsters of the city, you'll be able to choose whether to hang North on Spadina to catch China Town (and Kensington Market) or continue West to see the new gentrified Queen West. You could also plan to catch a symphony in the area at the TSO if you're into that. Lots of small kitchy art galleries along the way, plus nice coffee shops, etc. You won't get a flavour of Toronto if you plan to visit an institution or a theme park. Walk it, eat, and walk some more!
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Yeah, there's truth to that. Walking is much better if you have the time, but toronto is big. I walked from the Royal Conservatory, down to spadina, and then down to chinatown and kensington, and then down dundas back to the st.patrick subway the other day. LONG walk, and I don't think anyone is gonna want to do that with kids.
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good ideas, thanks - please keep them coming
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I can't believe nobody's mentioned the Hockey Hall of Fame. Is this still Canada? Edit: I wouldn't recommend Centre Island for your particular scenario, the reason being that while the island is nice and all, it can take a while to get there (depending on how many people have the same idea) and once you're on it, you're kinda trapped until you can fit on the next ferry. So you'll end up spending several ours 'on' the island, a significant part of which will be travelling/standing in line. There are a few kid-friendly attractions close to the ferry, but if you want to explore the island, there will be a lot of walking. Now, if you had a few more days to spend, that would be entirely different.
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For something different, go out of the city: there's a cute little town called Niagara on the Lake just 2 hours away, and on the way there are berry/cherry picking farms. Also fresh apples off the tree - can't beat that. Oh yeah, and there's a tourist attraction called Niagara Falls too. And I'm sure you can't get this in Chicago: world class icewine wineries - free samples, anyone?
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