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Hye can anyone give me a few ideas, pointers, or thoughts about making a suit look more professinal. I am 16 and am participating in a mock trial competition with a real judge in my nations capital. Could you help me achive a really sharp, stylish, young but professinal look. thanks Phil
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Do you have a certain suit in mind? If you already have one, please give us the style/colors. If you are looking to buy one, I'm sure many people have pointers on that as well, and I know I've got a few. So I'll be looking for your next post.
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Sorry guys, i have a suit it is a single brested dark navey suit, what type of shirt and tie should i wear, blue shirt?? maybe busniess srtiped (vertical thin stripes) and like a shiny silk paisly print tie??? or should i wear, white shirt, solid tie??? guys help please......
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Stick with a solid colour shirt, as stripes can be distracting. White is always safe. French blue or lighter blue is also safe. I like the blue shirt with contrasting white collar and cuffs because it gives you the bright spots of a white shirt with some colour in the field. For the tie, avoid paisley, unless you are in the 1980s-early 90s. Solid colours with small patterns are usually the best, like black with white pindots, burgundy with yellow or pink, or whatever. I also like ties with patterns woven into them as opposed to smooth ones with prints. Avoid red ties with white shirts and dark suits as you will look cliche. Black works with navy, and most dark colours work too, but don't wear blue with blue with blue, unless you are Regis Philbin or Ace Rothstein (from Casino). Also, wear a plain white handkerchief with just the points showing in your breast pocket. It's an easy touch most people forget and it shows you are a conscientious dresser and pay attention to details.
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Phil: I disgree w/J on the black working with navy. People will think you're colorblind. And a blue shirt, as long as it's not French blue would look great. He's right on woven tie, though. Looks much better than prints. Burgundy would be a good choice for colors...Or a dark red. Even a dulll yellow or forest green. Is the suit patterned or solid?
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