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Originally Posted by gdl203
David - you should start a poll so you can get a better sense of what colors are most popular... just a suggestion

Excellent idea. Marketing research...
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Originally Posted by thinman
Excellent idea. Marketing research...
Thinman, Research is important, and a quick thought about silks and designs. We have always loved classics and we often build on Eastern and Western traditional patterns. Our mudmees and saiphones are all very traditional Thai designs. While many of the stripes that we love are straight from the pages of American and British traditions. I am also found of thoughts such as your idea of taking a variation of a dot pattern and then adding a favorite color to bring it alive. Your idea of using crayons is also a good one (smiling). We tend to start a design very quickly using a pencil sketch and then coloring it and letting it sit for a while. Then we rework the stripe widths or dot size etc. This grenadine project is already something that we have been working on for a long time. So this survey is both for new ideas (mainly the bright colors) and to validate a hypothesis. Gdl203, I probably should have started a poll but many gentlemen have different names for colors and I have never done a poll before so I am not sure how..... AlanC, Shall we line the outside of a French pith helmet in silk for a special edition? I noticed that the pith helmet site has a deal if we buy 12. Seriously. I know that your annual trip to Hyderabad is coming up. I wish I could go with you. Let me know if you see some nice silk being woven in the villages. I may have to have one of my cousins send me some for pocket squares. Ed Morel, Purple sounds great. Tyto, Sounds like you prefer classic colors. And we will be happy to make any length, width or shape for you. Our ties are completely custom made (bespoke). Lucky Strike, A Style Forum red is a good idea. Grenadine, Your thoughts are being echoed here in Denver. We may miss a few of the colors that are being suggested but I think that we will end up with a large selection. We tend to have new silks the first week of every month, so perhaps over time we will have if not all then the majority of what is being asked for. dah328, Have no fear we will have very tightly woven silk, although by nature grenadine is a loose weave in terms of "air space" Globetrotter, I love your forum name, although with a four-month old daughter I think that I will not be leaving Denver for a while.... I have a dark purple/violet in mind that you will probably have to hold a swatch up to the light to see if it works for you. J, We have a Style Forum red on the drawing board of course, but you will have to see a swatch and see if the color appeals to you. Narrow is easily done. A Harris, Bottle green is a mysterious color to me,(that we will work on) but many ask for it of course.
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A Harris,
Bottle green is a mysterious color to me,(that we will work on) but many ask for it of course.

Bottle green is between medium and dark, and has yellow tint (as opposed to the more common blue-greens.) It is not olive though. It is quite common in Italy and England. The lining of a Swaine briefcase is a decent example of the color for instance. I might be able to lend you a tie of the perfect shade for a bit.
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No offense intended by my comment on market research. You are doing market research now and I know you are exceptionally responsive to customers' needs/desires (I'm still trying to make time to find a paint swatch(?) to send you with the shade of red for the dot tie). A poll might be a good follow-up to your post here, but you'll be limited to 5-6 choices.
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Originally Posted by Mulberrywood
Grenadine silk colors what do you think?

I am thinking about making ties from grenadine silk in the near future (any length and shape as usual)

And I would love to hear some ideas:

Thank you!

Black. Please. They are impossible to find.
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What are we talking about here? Could someone please post a photo of one of these ties? Thank you!
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Here's one:

and Manton is wearing a black grenadine in the following thread although the details aren't very clear:

Grenadine refers to the type of silk weave used for the tie.
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I would like to thank everyone for their input on colors. We ended up with all the basics: Black, Grey, White, Red, Blue, Green, & Gold plus more for a total of 34 colors: A few sample silks: We have mailed swatches to those who requested them. We are making the grenadines in three-fold ties and lined six-folds. Bespoke as usual in any length or width.
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I am at a loss for words. I think I'm going to cry.
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Very nice job. I am a future pink and purple buyer.
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these are great. when I get home I will be getting a few of these.
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White? I guess with a blue or grey chambray shirt and a blue or grey respectively seersucker suit? Interesting.

Incidentally, the art of a good grenadine is in how it's lined. I have a few from paul Stuart from years ago that are lined very well but very thinly and tie a tight, crisp, elegant (and scrunchable) knot with a good dimple almost like a charvet woven tie. The old sulka grenadines were similar as were some of the Richel grenadines (being Spanish they seem to really understand the weave) ive seen a lot of grenadines which tie a clunky, sloppy knot.
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Incidentally, the grenadines are not self-tipped, are they? The web-site seems to indicate that; is that merely a generic description of your ties?
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What a beautiful selection of grenadines! My wallet curses them!
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