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Originally Posted by Svenn View Post
A boot's not an option because i'm wearing them with a suit.

I've been proudly wearing dress boots with suits for years. Is there a sartorial rule that I wasn't aware of? ... On second thought, I don't think I care if there is.

That said, if you can get over the "not with a suit" thing, the original advice of a boot being a better concealment is sound (although, lucky me, at 6'3" I don't wear them for height).
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since you are talking "high-end", have you approached any of the bespoke makers and see what they can do to help you?
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I wear these about 4-5 days a week. They raise me up about 3 inches and make me move faster. Surprisingly, they do not affect the length of my penis. You can get them bespoke as well.
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Here's an idea.
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Sarkozy is certainly the protagonist here. His lifts are a good 2-3".
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Has anyone mentioned G&G?
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Focus on making money; any confidence issues quickly self-resolve...

High heels, rugs, plastic surgery, mani/pedicures, etc for alleged males are so damn mockable

Lots of wealthy dudes are short, older, balding, socially awkward, etc...but mysteriously often have easy access to any hotties

And they make new hotties every yr, so frequent trade-ins and leases/rentals are commodities
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Find yourself a girlfriend even shorter than you to make you seem taller. Heck, he can even pull off the Member's Only jacket.
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Svenn, how about reducing the contrast between top and bottom, and striking a pose?

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I'd say double soles is a very easy option, but will only give you like 0.5 inches Heels or Boots are another options, maybe just not every day
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Also, try to stand up straight unlike this guy. He loves us.
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i dont see how the photo of tom cruise shows any platform shoes. those are regular high end italian shoes with a 1 inch heel. all my shoes have those that are dress shoes.
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Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri are spotted taking some time out to relax on the grass in Melbourne's Royal Botanical Gardens. The vertically challenged Tom looked taller than usual however on closer inspection he has had extra soles glued to his custom Nike tennis shoes, cool.
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Is obama wearing parachute pants?
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