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ya gotta stop with these mj hardons
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sorry Jet but I already have my next MJ hardon in mind brahahahaha foo.gif

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copped some le labo samples...see if i wanan change up the wonderwood and #2
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Santal 33 has been one of my favorites lately. Need to stop by the store and try out the city exclusives.
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I decided to finally take the plunge on another pair of raw denim. I've had my APC NS since Nov 2009 and while they are still going strong, bleaching them has taken pretty far into "light denim" territory. I also ended up getting them significantly tapered after a couple years worth of wear, and resolved to get slimmer jeans to start with next time around. Was planning on going for APC PS but after reading a lot about how they're not really the best value anyway, I decided to go with these N&F "Super Skinny Guy" 12oz Stretch Selvedge Denim in Indigo from Blue Owl:



The measurements work out to pretty much exactly where my APC NS ended up after tailoring, and the 2% stretch fabric should make these a hell of a lot more comfortable to start with while still ultimately getting some good contrast fading, hopefully.


I'm probably bucking a growing trend in WAYWT to shift away from raw denim, but I also feel like I am settling into a style that works for me, so whatever.

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rose 31 is the de facto le labo recommendation but they're all pretty good, imo
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used to use rose a few years ago was good
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The only blue jeans I have that I find wearable are a pair of outlet 511's, and I don't even really want to wear those. Deciding on a new pair has been a nightmare. RRL low straight? APC NS? I want something with an ~8.5 hem, but I also don't have any slim jeans I love. Petit new standard? Something entirely different? I don't even know where to look anymore. Stanley, let me know how that stretch works out for you because, let me tell you, I am sick of not being able to practice my karate kicking action in any of my current pairs.
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^ I think we're of similar proportions and john elliott and dior are the two jeans I've found that work.  JE requires a belt but is like half the price.

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Just go with Flat Heads. :)

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John elliot coast or nimbus would be my purchase if I were to get some new blue jeans

Coast to the left and nimbus to the right

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I am DH MIJ raw lackey at heart. I must admit the JEs have really been the only thing outside of this blind loyalty to pique my interest.
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JE coast looks good. I have two pairs of washed LVC 1954 501s that I like a lot also (got em in January from TBS).
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Maison Martin Margiela SS13 Calf Weekend Bag

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