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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

There was a yohji era benesyed? What era are we on now?


Yoox era

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Originally Posted by ghostface View Post

by popular demand, the next sw&d challenge is to pay HOMAGE to another member by dressing like him: http://www.styleforum.net/t/381413/sw-d-challenge-3-6-14-homage-or-the-talented-mr-jawnzly/0_50

(btw, i have the end date listed as two weeks from today. is that too much time? we could also end it on, say, thursday, march 6th. thoughts?)

I don't think it's too long.. gives people a chance to really give it a go... which I'd like to do... now only who to impersonate?
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Imagine making a random member generator where you had to emulate whoever came up. Spacepope Van Buren? Would be interesting either way.
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kgfan does hirsh
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^ that could be cool but then you might get a combo like Stitchy having to emulate Brad-T which would no doubt provide hours of entertainment, but probably not much in the fit department. Seems like this could really be interesting if one could nail a fit to the point of actually confusing us as to who is who.. the original or the impostor.
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Will somebody please smear Blown01NJ in human feces???

i think his posts show that he has already done that. if not literally than figuratively.


porks - great jacket.

synth - that fit is perfect in every way.



i would actually like to see everyone do a jamiestar looking into space homage fit. could you imagine if for a day everyone looked like that?
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I like how du got banned after being a member for 5 years.
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speaking of challenges, cast your voats in the MC challenge.


also, i think it would be cool if some of the SWD crowd went a step further than voating, and maybe even explained why certain fits appealed to them and certain fits did not.
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Originally Posted by hmtwrk View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Synth sent me a long, rambling PM requesting I purchase a pair of shibas, some drop crotch sweats, and a pack of toothpicks, then put on the bball jacket and go on a hike "in the Outer Rings" so that he can pay homage... to himself. Through me. All for the sake of a fit challenge.

Guys, I think our resident un-gentleman is slipping.
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Xpost from the challenge :

I ll get things started, with a homage to one of my favorite posters :

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

AnnD scarf




On a side note, this (minus the scarf obviously) has become my daily lazy lounge fit. That hoodie is the most practical thing I can wear these days : with its creamy/milky tone, accidental baby burps are totally uneventful. Considering to quit using a bib altogether

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Diniro, Diniro is it Diniro?


Even the angle is spot on for a Diniro fit! Good job aux
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Same old same old:

EG quilted coat
Workers herringbone overshirt
Club Monaco pants
Blundstone shitkickers
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Well done, Aux.
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