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Best quality leather makers?

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Greetings, what are some of the top-quality labels for leather accessories? Especially those whose products could be found with relative ease on discounts on the internet. Thanks for your thought.
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What, in particular, are you looking for? The answer may well be different depending on whether you are talking about wallets, gloves, briefcases, desk accessories, belts, etc.
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I'm not sure what kind of leather accessories interest you, but I've been pretty pleased with the quality of Montblanc's leather on their wallets, etc. There appears to be a fair amount of Montblanc products on ebay at pretty low prices. dan
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Sorry, I should have been more specific. How about 1) belt, 2) wallet, and 3) shoulder strap handbag for daily use?
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Bump, any further opinion would be greatly appreciated. Kai? Also, does this Mon Blanc look authentic?
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well hermes and valextra are considered likely two of the finest leather makers add berluti for its new line of accessories for men, tanner krolle, goldpfeil and even lambertson truex martin dingman makes some nice leather accessories (former designer for coach) which appear regularly on online sites
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If you are looking for a good jacket wallet i would try ettinger of London. I have just bought a leather wallet of them and its surperb they have been making fine English leather goods since the 30s. They have a web site.
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There is Ruffo which manufacture's Versace's Couture leather clothing items. Also Schedoni, Lambertson Truex, Gold Pfeil, Pineider, Hermes, Goyard, Valextra, Swaine Adeney & Briggs, and there are some others. That MontBlanc item is a fake.
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