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Looking for some new casual shoes/sneakers

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I'm looking to get a pair of casual shoes/sneakers to wear with t-shirts etc.... something along the veins of Onitsukas, Chucks, etc... ie: something semi-trendy, but not overly flashy/fashion-victimish. Any suggestions as to a brand or style to take a look at?

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Some of the newer Puma designs are pretty cool.

I'm a fan of these Puma El Rey, and retail is only $45.

Not sure of your budget, but the Puma 96 Hours Collection is nice, but will run you $220-$440.
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The Adidas Samba in Kangaroo leather is a great choice: They look great in white too but the synthetic leather isn't quite as comfortable imo. The Italia is also a model I've always loved, but the nicer colorways are still hard to find despite it being reissued. For designer sneaks, Helmut Lang is definitely a something to look at (on discount). Some Prada stuff is definitely wearable too, like these:
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Nike, as many of you know, bought Converse a few years ago. Converse is now doing some pretty cool things.

I bought a pair of the improved Jack Purcells a couple of weeks ago. They're excellent. Look just like the old favorites, but are much more comfortable due to some improvements in the original design...More cushioned insole, etc.
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I like the Adidas Rio Grande - you can find it in all kinds of colors, and it's got a cool pattern on the toe:

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Not sure if you're keen on spending a lot of money, but Visvim's Newton 2 model is absolutely fantastic -- it looks sort of like a Chuck Taylor, but it's a little bulkier, and it has all this weird stuff inside (straps, super padded insoles) that make it the comfiest shoe I've ever worn. They're about $195 in the US, though. here's a pic from Huf in San Francisco, who has them available:
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also there's a trend of sneakers that look like dress shoes- with the wingtip detailing and such. vans, swear, hare, paul smith?, visvim (buckminster cap) and a few other brands make nice pairs.
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click em

chucks 2 tone
vans x supreme
vans & chuck all whites
Marc jacobs vans sk8 hi white/green patent
paul smith sneakers
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