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Italian size '50' - UK size 34 waist, long leg

Originally £156.50 from Armani store, London at the start of this year.

Would now like £50, since they are basically new without tags in my opinion.

These are a men's 34 waist and they are made from very fine brushed cotton. Fabric is similar feel to a 'moleskin' fabric. They are 100% cotton. They are quite long on the leg, I would say a generous 34 x 35.5. (Would be great for the taller bloke)

I have worn them once - pulled them out of the back of the wardrobe yesterday to wear again... The only reason for sale is because I am now a 36 waist, and unlikely to ever be a 34 again! Ahh well!

These are in superb (pretty much as new) condition in my opinion.