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Yeah, that's been my experience with almost all the CL outerwear I own. Fitted in the shoulders and hem but wide in the torso and sleeves. That's just kind of his thing
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Grats Reedo. Now try to hustle em for more scholarships.
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yep… Dries also does that narrow shoulder, big arm thing. takes a little getting used to, but I think it can be a pretty cool look. I wouldn't alter if possible. I got size 2 (38) and it's still pretty big on me. I haven't been wearing much all black lately but I think I might keep it. :brooding parisian:

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So the lemaire coat I got came in today it's kinda boxy in the body but also in the arms, kinda trying to figure out whether to keep or return to yoox, maybe have it taken in for like an extra $30?

Most tailors are going to charge a lot more than $30 to take in the body and sleeves. fitpic?

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The big-arm look does give the silhouette a cool "sculptural" quality that you don't get from slimmer sleeves. And Señor Lemaire usually does it in a way that avoids the dreaded Gorilla Arms. Like:

Examples (Click to show)
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it also helps create that egg shape esp combined with the wider carrot pants.


wait did I just put sushi in the microwave?

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whoever ends up calling their band "sushi in the microwave" should at least include my name in the liner notes. just saying.
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i'm glad you guys are talking about Lemaire and Yoox

My orders also came in:

  • Destin scarf is silky smooth and voluminous. The entire seam is frayed that adds a nice texture. Awaiting for the black checkered one to arrive Thursday, and I am guessing it will be even darker than the stock photo similar to the gray being darker. It will be nice to have a dark and light scarf to vary in between. 70/30 cashmere/cotton blend is so soft
  • Lemaire cotton/cashmere tee came in but it ended up being S/L rather than L/S ... nice color. The neck line also doesn't work for me. So, a return due to receiving wrong item (1st!)
  • I ordered the wool Lemaire trousers in 38 and 40 (2 and 3, respectively). I think neither of them going to work by just eyeballing. Holla if I sniped you and I can let it go for cheap! Otherwise, going to return.
  • Umit Benan jacket has a really nice cut and I like the lapel in the way it frames my neck/face. A tad big in the chest by CM standards as there is extra fabric causing the ends of the armpit to fold a bit. The wool is nice and coarse. Only thing that bugs me is that it picks up lint e.g. when I tried on the Destin scarf together there was a lot of lint left behind. Was a bit off putting TBH so I am on the fence with that.

Regarding Yoox purchases not working out, I guess I am the opposite. Always manage to find 1 to 2 goodies to keep

Another point I like to make about the Umit Benan and being how it is winter is that it does not feel particularly warm with a L/S tee. Adding the scarf helps. The cooler weather right now is just an anomaly around here though, IME, so perhaps it will work on its own or just wear a knit underneath. I guess I can always throw on my Lemaire coat over the Umit Benan jacket (the former is lined so no lint!)
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always love the toasty yoox debriefings icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Oh, and for everyone who ordered CL from Yerx, I have a pretty good feeling their sizing scale is off. I think 2 actually = 36, 3 = 38, etc. Mr. Porter interprets it this way, and IME size 2 outerwear usually fits similarly to a 46 in other brands, but Yerx/ The Corner interpret it differently for some reason. So if your "size 38" jacket fits too small in some dimension or another, that's probably why, and you might have better luck going with a 3. But I dunno. It's all weird.
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I tried on one of those CL robe coat things and I felt like a combination between a jedi and a wizard. It was fantastic, I wanted to start casting spells right then and there in the store
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Originally Posted by 5354 View Post


Something, different...

Their site's undergoing maintenance so they link their FB page

That SLWK one is the best, get that one
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You know what I came home and put on the jacket, still not feeling the body but I like the sleeves.
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Thanks for the likes everyone, it's been my #1 choice for 2 years so I'm pretty pumped, especially since I shouldn't have gotten in considering my numbers....Yay economy!
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Grats Reedo. Now try to hustle em for more scholarships.

Oh you know it! Gotta wait to hear from more schools before I have enough leverage..
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weather is an anomaly lol, it's gonna be a cold winter you better try to stay nice and toasty
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I was listening to the news on the drive home and its only been notably this cold in the past on 2 separate years =\
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