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MTM at the Frederick, MD suit factory

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I recently visited the suit factory in Frederick, MD, next to the airport.  The factory, at http://fredericksuitfactory.com/, sews for specialty shops like Paul Stuart.  The clerk told me they do made-to-meaure for $525, delivery in one month.  I got an off-the-rack suit last year and a cashmere jacket this week and they were well worth the drive - about 40 miles North of D.C.
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Can you describe the suit you got? Can you compare it to what other places offer? What kind of fabric? Details? Canvased? This could be an interesting place to visit, given that I have to go to Washington DC every couple of months.
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One fairly prominent suit maker is in Frederick, MD: Hartz. Their labels include Oliver, Tallia, Bill Kaiserman, and Oakloom. Except for Oakloom, which was a small, independent hand shop that Hartz bought in the '90's, all Hartz's lines are, to various degrees, engineered. It's conceivable that the Oakloom shop was represented at Paul Stuart. For a while, Hartz held the rights to the Norman Hilton name and bought Oakloom to make it. Hartz is known for making a clean, good-fitting garment at a range of prices, not collectors items, but competently made. Be aware, however, that (if the outlet you found belongs to Hartz) some clothing makers do a considerable business making and selling clothing in their own outlet that they would not sell to their wholesale customers.
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I guess I should have clicked your link earlier. It would have saved a lot of qualification in my original response. The 1341 Hughes Ford Rd address is Hartz's address. Hartz&Co
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Joseanes, Sorry for the delay replying.  I need to remember to check the site daily after I post something.  The factory is, as ROI indicated, owned by Hartz. The suit I got was 3-button, single-breasted, side vent, ticket pocket.  It is, for Washington, D.C. anyway, stylish, though not what I would wear to meet a U.S. government client.  (I mostly wear Oxxford and Paul Stuart when I visit the gov.)  I pinched the lapel and breast and it feels fused, but it looks good and is light and cool - no small matter in DC. Jim
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