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OK, so can I vent about Peppino Tailors for a moment?!


Well-Known Member
Mar 12, 2006
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I know that folks here have expressed mixed views about Mr. Peppino, but after reading several posts I decided to take a jacket that had working button holes in for Mr. P. to just shorten the sleeves a bit. "No problem, I will just adjust from the top..." says our Mr. P in sort of a gruntish way. Great, so a week and a half later I come back to pick up the jacket and the woman there asks me if I want to try it on. "He doesn't need to try it on" barks our Mr. P. from across the room. Well, of course I am going to try it on...who picks something up from the tailor and doesn't try it on? Anyway, I put it on and honestly the sleeves don't look any shorter. Mr. P. comes over and says "looks good right?" "Actually the sleeves still look too long" I said. "Well, if you make them any shorter, they will be too short and besides, I will have to adjust them from the top because (you guessed it) of the working botton holes. "They won't be too short, they will just be showing a 1/4" of shirt cuff" I said and that's what I wanted. Truthfully, by this time, I was really feeling like he had never adjusted them at all. "OK, fine, come back on Tuesday after Memorial Day and pick it up" growled Mr. P.
Today I show up and I see my jacket on the back of a chair as I walk in. He looks at me and without batting an eye says "yours is next in line, how about I send it to your home on Monday?" Stunning!! It was all I could do to not go postal in the place...had to share. If I EVER get the jacket back, I will let you all know how it turns out.


Senior Member
Jan 26, 2005
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how much did he quote you for a job like that?

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