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  1. WMoadus

    Olive Pueblo Bifold

    This is a new item, hand made by me. This is the first of a run of monotone wallets. It features six card slots and two hidden slots behind them, and a fully lined billfold for storing bills and papers. The interior of the wallet is made with Badalassi Carlo’s popular Pueblo in olive...
  2. Tanya

    Mens wallets

    Which type of wallets will be better in daily use? 1.Money clip 2. Slim Wallet 3. Phone Case Wallet I want to buy a gift for boyfriend. What do u think? https://olpr.com/product-category/wallets/ Thanks
  3. vansocollection

    PERSONALISED LEATHER CARDHOLDER (100% fine quality cow leather)

    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/vansocollection/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/vansocollection/ The Slim Leather Cardholder is made from 100% genuine cow leather (JAVA cow leather) and consists of 7 cardholder slots. It is the convenient cardholder for both men and women. The finest...
  4. J

    Favorite Leathers for a Wallet?

    Hey everyone! New here so this is my first post. I'm a new designer working on some small leather goods, and I am debating what type of leather to use. Personally, I've recently changed to a vegetable tanned natural colored leather wallet with saddle stitching. The leather is much thicker...
  5. djkillahcam

    Wallet thread - what are you carrying?

    What's everyone's wallet game like here... Goyard? Bottega Veneta? LV? Need a new one.
  6. Diego65

    Barnes and Moore leather goods

    Hello everyone!! Today I wanted to share my experience with this company that produces leather goods. At the moment I live in Birmingham, and during one of the visits to the Liquor Store (that sells men's clothes, street wear), I found products of Barnes and Moore. Which have surprised me a lot...
  7. Brianpore

    LOUIS VUITTON M39801 Gaspar Brown LV Monogram Macassar Canvas Mens Bifold Wallet

    Like new (would say its new but its on consignment so not 100% sure).
  8. wing8tesqw

    Re-purpose Croc Wallet ** It fell apart

    So........ my very first croc wallet was super basic and it fell apart at the seams. I am left with a wallet sized slap of leather showing good patina. Obviously, I want to repurpose it. My first thought was arm cuffs, but the ms did not concur. Then I was thinking coaster, watch strap...
  9. touchdowntodd

    best value designer mens wallet?

    well the wife has an LV speedy and I just got her a wallet to go with it ... anniversary gift .. as a gift for myself for losing 125+ lbs i got myself a damier brown LV belt as well i was thinking about gettin the wallet to match (matchy matchy i know LOL) but how well do they hold up...
  10. topslop1

    Countess Mara Wallet

    Figured a few people on here would enjoy this. Disregard background noise.
  11. uluvbs

    Leather Wallet: advice needed . . .

    I'm looking to buy a credit card holder/wallet and have limited my search down to Loewe (250 euros) or the Santa Croce school in Florence (60 euros) based on function and form. I honestly can't tell much of a difference in feel. Do you all think there is that much of a difference at the high...
  12. KenjiKen

    First Splurge! ON a shell cordovan wallet! (Advice etc)

    Hello Everyone, This is KenjiKen and today I am splurging on a Shell Cordovan wallet! My recent wallet has been outdated and after looking on the forum- as well as doing my own research, I have compiled a list of wallets that I am looking to purchase. Give me your feedback! First wallet is a...
  13. JonathanCWalker

    Tom Ford Wallets

    Hi, Im looking at buying a Tom Ford Wallet not sure if any of you guys have one etc... wanted to know what you think of them and what the quality is like. I love the Hermes wallets but its seems sill going out spending £850.00 on a wallet that will last 5mins with soft leather. If you have...
  14. Rugger

    Dumb topic: Badge/ID/Credential holders?

    Wasn't really sure where to put this, but since these are worn I landed here. Where I work, like many places, I'm required to wear a normal size badge/ID. I also have to have several others on me for different areas of campus. Up until now I"ve just been using the ones that are issued, but they...
  15. the_sulks

    The art of matching colors and shades

    1) What is your attitude towards matching shades and tricky colors be it tan, cognac, coffee, burgundy, oxblood or anything of that sort. 2) How do you manage to find the same shades for different items of your apparel? 3) How do you decide if the shades match perfectly well? 4) The last...
  16. gyasih

    Brooks Brothers Cordovan Billfold

    BNWT BBBF Cordovan Billfold, purchased a few months ago and haven't used it. I much prefer the wallet. You are getting it pretty much at my cost. Comes with a removable pouch. Color is black and white.
  17. NateWV

    duct tape wallets

    CHECK NEW WALLETS OUT AT www.facebook.com/ducttapen8
  18. Wes Bourne

    Magnetic money clip: will it f*** up my cards?

    I saw this nice slim weekend wallet that has slots for 4 cards. It seems perfect for daily use: ATM, credit card, office card, bus pass. Thing is, it has a magnetic money clip attached on one side and the magnets appear pretty strong (clip fastens in place with a convincing snap). Any chance...

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