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  1. Chitranshnehra

    Is this jacket looks big?

    Is this jacket looks big ?
  2. K

    Suit jacket alternation multiple times

    Hello, I got a suit jacket around 1 month ago, and got the waist taken in a bit. When I tried it on it feels good, but with one button closed it's just a little bit too tight. Would it be possible to let it out a bit? I know that's possible, but since it's already been taken in earlier. Thanks...
  3. J

    Suitsupply Washington (Fit Query)

    Happy holidays everyone, Tried on this Washington suit jacket and noticed 2 fit issues besides sleeve length: 1. Lapels don't lay flat on chest 2. Excess fabric in back In your opinion, what do you guys think is causing the lapels to bow/not lay flat? Also, is this fixable via alterations...
  4. A

    Men's Tailoring Apprentice

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to apprentice with a Master Tailor to learn the old way of bespoke menswear. I have been a menswear lover since I was a child and would like to expand my knowledge. I am taking design, pattern making and advanced sewing in a design program now, but it is mostly...
  5. emmonss1ozzie


    HI, I am looking to buy Alumo fabric specifically the Cashemerello line. I live in LA, CA in the USA and it seems very hard to find. When I contact the website I get nothing in response? Does anyone know how to contact or how to order? I know some tailors in Italy know how to order? Can anyone...
  6. C

    Suit question: Shoulder fits, chest doesn’t

    Hello everyone, I have recently gone through my closet looking for a interview suit sadly to find many don’t fit anymore. I’ve put on a little weight and where I was once a 36s (I’m 5’ 6” 150lb) now the chest on a few of my suits is popping up I’ve also heard people say the lapel is popping up...


  8. F

    Fit of suit jacket

    Hi all! I have a few questions about the fits of a few Suitsupply Lazio jackets. Context is that it’s for my wedding, and will be part of a three piece suit that I want to be able to use for interviews, on the job, etc. in the future. In the pics I have a vest to mimic the vest I’ll have for...
  9. Julian Wilson

    Are my leather jacket sleeves too long?

    Hi all, I just bought this aviator style brown leather jacket from Danier which I absolutely love. It's my first leather jacket purchase ever. However, the past couple days I've been trying to figure out if my sleeves are too long or not. I've heard a lot of conflicting opinions and I'm looking...
  10. LB_J

    Tailoring in/around Brussels, Belgium

    Hello all! I'm in the market for a fully tailored suit. I'm happy to splash 500-1,000 EUR on something that I can enjoy for years (some shirts too?). Fully canvassed, elegant and properly made. I'm not in a rush and would like to do this properly. I'm living in Brussels at the moment and...
  11. tcrimsonk

    Suggestions for OTR adjustments in MD/DC?

    I've started commuting from Frederick MD into DC recently, and it's clear that I need to update my wardrobe! (That's what I get for telecommuting the last seven years.) I grabbed some inexpensive OTR suits on various sales recently, and need to have them adjusted. The "tailors" in Frederick...
  12. A

    Tailoring pants

    I have a pretty short inseam(around 27”), and so I have to get most of my pants cut. My calves are pretty average at 14” but my ankles are very skinny- 8.5”. My foot can go through an 11.5” hole at least. My problem is the leg opening is always too big. I don’t know how long to cut the pants...
  13. Fantastic Mr Foxx


    Hello gentleman, For a couple of months now, I have been trying to bring a slice of the neapolitan sartoria culture to the BENELUX, by organising trunk shows in the BENELUX (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg), with Sartoria Cuomo Napoli and trousermaker Alberto Voglio. (These tailors are...
  14. I

    Anyone ever heard of Byron Tailors/Byron Custom Tailors from HK?

    Hey all, I posted this question on reddit but was told it might do better here. I’m new, so if there’s a better forum/place to put this, I’d appreciate it. I received an email inviting me to a presentation being put on in the Los Angeles area, which is where I work. It’s going on from February...
  15. tman87

    Myers Park Tailors Bespoke Charlotte, North Carolina

    Has anyone gone here for custom suits, or at least alterations? He has good reviews, was friendly and knowledgeable. From his website, I didn’t know he did bespoke, but he said he always has and is updating the website. He said he does two fittings, and does all the work himself. What concerned...
  16. D

    Help with Tailor-made suit

    I just got my first ever tailor made suit from a local tailor and am pretty excited about it. However, I noticed the stitching on the collar seems a bit off (pics below, the stitching seems to be made by hand but looks a bit crooked) and I wasn't sure if that is expected or is it a mark of a bad...
  17. mikealvaa

    Looking for tailor, Orange County, NY

    Good morning everyone! I am currently on the search for a new tailor in the Orange County, NY area. While my current tailor is pretty good with my alterations, he seems very picky on what he will/will not work on. I am not looking to replace him, but rather have a back up tailor for small...
  18. P

    Suit Tailoring Questions

    Hello All. I am new to these forums, and also new to wearing suits. Many of my google searching regarding suits have led me to these forums, and I thought I'd ask some questions here regarding suit tailoring. I purchased a 40S suit that fits me pretty well around the shoulders. However it is...
  19. G

    How many yards or meters of material to buy for a bespoke suit?

    I've read older threads on this but wanted to ask members how many yards or meters of plain fabric I'd specifically need for a: 2-piece suit: 3-piece suit: Blazer: I'm 5'11" / 1.8 meters tall and relatively thin with a 30" waist. Some members in previous threads recommended as low as 3 yards...
  20. AleksDissan


    I was wondering if anyone in the San Gabriel Valley Area has a good tailor they would recommend (particularly for darting shirts)?! Is it an "easy" job or can pretty much any tailor do a decent job with this?!

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