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  1. C

    One Shoe lighter & won’t darken with polish - Yohei Fukuda

    Hi all, I can’t seem to fix the lightened color of my right Yohei Fukuda. Lovely shoe, but was a super difficult break in (& I love a tough break in period). During which I had to use a shoe stretcher (which I never do). I put on some Saphir lotion while it was on the stretcher & it seemed to...
  2. Mok

    Mirror Shine Science

    I've been thinking about how a mirror shine works in terms of science and wrote something over here: Mirror Shine Guide Notably, the visual difference between unshined and mirror shined leather under the microscope provides context to how much you need to fill the pores before starting the...
  3. wsupjs


  4. suitforcourt

    2018 shoe revival challenge

    I have been a member of SF for a number of years now. My one particular interest is vintage shoes. Thanks to @davidVC and @smfdoc for leading the vintage shoe thread. For the thread's 2nd anniversary, I am proposing a shoe revival challenge. So pull out your brushes, cloths, conditioners, and...
  5. VictorGradinaru

    Shoe Polishing - What have I done wrong?

    Greetings, everyone! I would like to begin by saying that this is my very first post on this forum, so please excuse me if I am writing this thread under the wrong category. I require some help regarding the shoe shining process which a new pair of shoes underwent today. I bought these shoes...
  6. wdkwang

    Polishing question

    Recently got into wearing higher quality dress shoes, and now have 6 pairs of Allen Edmonds. I've looked at shoe care products and how-to videos on shoe shining, but am still left with a few questions. For each shoe, my process is to apply AE leather conditioner, then AE cream polish, and finish...
  7. Mr. Moo

    **The Official Shoe Care Thread: Tutorials, Photos, etc.**

    In this thread we talk about shoe care, post our favorite products, before and after photos of our shoes, etc. There seem to be a few opinions on whether to use wax, paste, polish, cream? On what kinds of shoes? How often? Which products? What to avoid? Etc. Perhaps we can all contribute words...
  8. BaseballDad

    Matching Shoe Polish To Shoe Color?...

    How do you go about getting the best color match between your shoe's original color and polish or wax? Many online sellers sell shoes, i.e. C & J in their "unique" colors...chestnut, but do not offer the corresponding chestnut polish. Some manufacturers do not even make color-matched...
  9. jroring

    Shoe Polishing mistake?

    I am a novice when it comes to shoe polishing. After attempting to polish my shoes, I got these darker spots on the shoes. Is there a remedy for the situation? I was using some kiwi shoe polish and the darker spots didn't occur until tried to "spit shine" a spot.
  10. GBer

    Hard & Soft Bristle Brushes for polishing?

    Looking for some advice on when to use which brush... Some say to use the soft to clean dirt then polish with the hard. I've also heard the other way around. What do you guys do and recommend? I like to get my shoes shining like patent leather.
  11. corskc

    Is it a mistake to use neutral shoe polish??

    Just got my hands on a pair of new Grenson Epsom Cognac grain calf shoes... Pediwear supplied a tin of neutral polish, and thought I'll do a pre-polish with it.... Man...is there something wrong with my shoes or is the neutral shoe polish turning the shade way darker?! Will applying leather...

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