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  1. J

    Where should I buy my first high-MTM or bespoke suit?

    Up until now I’ve been thrifting menswear which has landed me some stellar value, but alas, picky tastes coupled with uncommon proportions and the natural limitations of thrifting has meant that finding the right suit has required a near infinite amount of time which I am starting to no longer...
  2. K_The_Sartorialist

    Suitsupply MTM fit check

    Hi guys :) Just took delivery og this new MTM suit from SuSu a couple of days ago. All measurements have been done by myself (due to SuSu not having any physical stores in my country) so I’m very curious as to what the outside world thinks. Is it a keeper or am i way off in terms of fit? I...
  3. S

    Bespoke Trouser Styles

    Hello, I was thinking about how we always talk about house styles for suit jackets but never for trousers. Do bespoke(even high end MTM and RTW) shops- for example: Huntsman, Cifonelli, Rubinacci, etc- have a house style for their trousers(such as for the break they like, pleats, cuff width) or...
  4. Y

    What's the next step up from Suit Supply MTM in London?

    After not buying a suit for years I had a double-breasted dinner jacket made for me by Suit Supply. It's fine, but it's not great. They are still pushing quite a slim-cut and high-button stance that I think is going to look pretty dated soon. Some elements of the fit just could be a bit better...
  5. Tofer

    SOLD Proper Cloth Japanese Fatigue Wide Seersucker Popover - MTM L / XL

    MTM Proper Cloth Popover - Worn less than five times. Please message me with any questions. Details: Japanese Fatigue Wide Seersucker PCF3374, Soft Ivy Button Down Collar, Soft Long One Button Cuff, Popover Front Placket, One Piece Yoke, Rounded Hem, Mother of Pearl Buttons Collar Around...
  6. P

    MTM (online) Fit Advice Kindly requested

    Hey Everyone. Made an MTM order online and need help with fit and body measurement changes for next order. Here are some pics of the MTM suit and shirt. Please advise if one of my shoulders is slightly square or sloping. Also any other recommendations will be appreciated.
  7. larimars


    Hello SF community members, I would formally like to make an introduction to our brand “Larimars – Luxury Menswear” which is a modern day menswear brand based out of Ontario Canada. We have been around doing local retail since five years now in the south east Asian market which presented us...
  8. dertiniopenzo

    What MTM brands are good for a tight budget ( as a Student ) .

    Hey guys , Do any of you know what brands are good in terms of ratio quality , price in made to measure . I've seen Luxire which seems affordable but i'm not sure quality wise .
  9. Nitrogen

    Opinions on suit fit (Kashiyama)

    Hi! I'm a really tall and pretty buff guy. I decided it is time to order my first MTM (or MTO) suit from Kashiyama NYC, which will also be my first proper wool suit. The fabric I chose is a navy (Vitale Barberis Canonico), with full canvas. The final price was around 800 USD, which is a lot of...
  10. S

    First Suit for an Athlete (Drop 12ish)

    I'm starting to look for business suits since I will soon begin recruiting for internships and later full-time work. However, I lift religiously, have played rugby for most of my life, and am generally a very athletic person, so my body is very muscular. My chest is 44 inches, my waist is 32...
  11. Alexander.Kr

    Need help finding a good quality classic menswear brands

    Good evening, My name is Alexander, and I'm a young classic menswear enthusiast. Currently, I'm rebuilding my wardrobe and want to hear some suggestions on affordable, but good quality brands. Collaro, Spier & MacKay, Uniqlo seems to be the best of what I've read about. Would be grateful if...
  12. C

    Wool Suit Jacket Fold line wrinkle

    We are moving out, our family maid was helping us pack and clean (maid service is relatively cheap here in HK). I didn't expect her to pack my room, especially my closet since I still need to use it every time. So today I was at work, she packed all my clothes into moving boxes, including my...
  13. N

    Advice on styling blue green Scabal jacket

  14. birdlives80

    Junior’s men’s shop Philadelphia

    Looks promising. Anyone here try them out yet? https://mr-mag.com/glenn-au-launches-his-own-mens-clothing-business-in-philadelphia/
  15. Doublemeter

    Cifonelli MTM or Thom Sweeney Bespoke

    Hi there fellow forum members. I am looking at either getting my first very serious suit. I am either looking at a Thom Sweeney bespoke or a cifonelli MTM suit. both suits cost roughly the same. I am completely in love with the look of cifonelli however it is only a MTM. for the same price...
  16. Rafael Tompoulis

    [SOLD ON EBAY] H.Heissing MTM Hardy Minnis Tweed Wool ~38 US/ ~48 EU Unworn Sportsjacket

    FOR SALE is a high quality and FLAWLESS, in 10/10 condition, custom made H.HEISSING jacket, in a beautiful green color with orange windowpane pattern plus a small brown/- mocha check pattern, made in Germany and made of a very elegant 100% tweed wool woven from the English luxury house HARDY...
  17. S

    Planning an MTM cream/off white linen suit. General design guidelines?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of ordering a made to measure cream linen suit for summer/spring occasions. Is there a general consensus for the details in this kind of suit? I was thinking for fabric a herringbone cream linen, less than 300gsm. For the design, around 4" peak lapels with a bit of...
  18. Rafael Tompoulis


    FOR SALE is a unique and high quality custom made jacket from 100% Pure Heavy Wool that was specially made from a Small Local Tailor in Aachen, Germany. This is a very beautiful and unique custom made olive green jacket that was custom made from an experienced local tailor. That is also the...
  19. S

    New-(ish) to men's tailoring. Need some tips and advice.

    Hi all, I just have some questions regarding tailoring. I currently have 4 OTR suits (navy, navy with olive windowpane, charcoal with tan windowpane, pin stripe boucle) and one MTM suit (berry red linen 6x2 DB), please forgive me for my outrageous choices. Funnily enough, I don't even wear suits...
  20. mrdXCIII

    Best budget MTM/RTW tailor in London (under £1000)

    Dear all, I write to those more knowledgeable than I, for guidance as to which tailors in London I should consider to purchase a budget business suit for under £1000. I wish to commission a navy double breasted suit in a classic quintessentially British cut. If the matter in question has...

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