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  1. A

    "ADDICTION" Editorial / Article

    Hello, my clothing brand PARIA USA recently released an “ADDICTED” T-Shirt in our Fall/Winter collection, this graphic t-shirt is a flip of the original Uncle Sam poster propaganda artwork from World War 1 era reading “WE WANT YOU ADDICTED". We did a collaboration with Theboardvalley, a magazine...
  2. Synthese

    Styleforum at Paris Market Week 2016 - Capsule, Tranoi, Man Shows

    No Florence this year! What a...never mind. We'll be in Paris instead, looking at showrooms, but mostly sitting on the curb outside Monoprix eating cheap baguettes and caprices des dieux. So let's hear it. What do you want to read about? What brands have piqued your curiosity? Which...
  3. LA Guy

    Styleforum 2016 - Styleforum in Paris, special projects, GMTOs, etc...

    Hey Guys, As some of you may know, a contingent of the Styleforum team to going to be in Paris (January 19-26) this winter. @Synthese and I, as well as Jen (my wife and the person who keeps my ideas semi-sane) and our photographer, Eric, will be doing store features and reviews, going to all...
  4. StyleforumRobot

    A Man Adrift, Pt II - April 28, 2015

    August 5, 2341 Time is a flat circle - everturning on itself - eating its own tail as it curls on itself forever and ever. By the second night the fires had died in the wreck and we could pick through, looking for things we could scavenge, looking for remnants. Shattered plastasteel had...
  5. StyleforumRobot

    Three More Streetwear Brands - March 11, 2015

    Three more threads about three more streetwear brands, because why the hell not? Arc'Teryx Valience I appreciate Arc'Teryx Valience. It's an excellent example of a niche brand that does well in its space - winter clothes and ski gear - deciding to expand into the fashion-centric marking and...
  6. StyleforumRobot

    Accessories Make the Man - March 10, 2015

    We don't talk about accessories, but why the hell not? Accessories are awesome! Ray-Bans Everyone owns a pair of Ray-Bans - or at least a knock-off of one of their silhouettes - but did you know that there's a distinct difference between the Luxxotica Ray-Bans you can buy today, and the...
  7. StyleforumRobot

    Streetwear Shoes - March 8, 2015

    Don't forget to vote for a winner in our February haiku contest! Rancourt & Co. Rancourt & Co. is a Maine-based footwear company that has produced hand sewn moccasins for decades. While they built name as a third-party producer for companies like Allen Edmonds, Ralph Lauren and Eastland...
  8. StyleforumRobot

    Three Streetwear Brands - February 26, 2015

    Let's talk 'bout streetwear. Gitman Brothers Vintage If you've ever read American Psycho, the name "Gitman Brothers" might standout as a staple of mid-80s Wall Street wardrobes. The company was a big name in shirts for many years and produced for dozens of other brands. Unfortunately these...
  9. StyleforumRobot

    We Own Nice Things: A Compendium of Cool - February 25, 2015

    Yes, StyleForum members have nice clothes, but what about other things? Let's explore... together. Motorcycles I don't know a lot about motorcycles, but I can appreciate them from an aesthetic perspective: they look nice, and that - in the end - is what this forum is about. This thread is...
  10. StyleforumRobot

    A Shoemaking Education - February 22, 2015

    What do you know about footwear? I imagine most people in the world - and most denizens of this forum - know little beyond the cost of their favorite brands, and while most of us probably own nicer shoes than the average schmo on the street (except me, for I have no feet), we still don't know...
  11. StyleforumRobot

    Three Examples of Casual Menswear Done Right - February 18, 2015

    People around these parts tend to believe that our Classic Menswear posters are incapable of dressing down, but let's prove them wrong with three excellent examples of awesome outfits. Let's get started with this An Acute Style post (and props to his username; math pun!): it's a study in...
  12. StyleforumRobot

    Do You Even Lift? – February 12, 2015

    Hot Topics Don’t forget to post in our Haiku Contest! Win big! We have threads for literally every conceivable physical activity. What’s your excuse? Running Push-Ups Pull-Ups And this thread: the most popular fitness thread on StyleForum, Random Health and Exercise Thoughts...
  13. StyleforumRobot

    Three Threads About Food – February 9, 2015

    Hot Topics Three Threads About Food – February 9, 2015 Make sure to participate in our February Haiku Contest! Last Night’s Dinner This is the king of our food threads: the wonderful, expansive and downright beautiful What Did You Eat For Dinner Last Night? thread. Putting eGullet and...
  14. StyleforumRobot

    Welcome to the TechnoCore – January 26, 2015

    Three threads about technology – and three threads that preface the rough future yet to come to past for the fragile shards of humanity. Apple What do you think about Apple? How many Apple products do you own – do you have an iPhone, a MacBook, an iPad? Or are you stuck cycling through each...
  15. StyleforumRobot

    Three Haikus About Three Very Popular Threads - January 21, 2015

    Hot Topics Alden thread: over eight million views, and more uncles and nephew You like your new shoes, But what does Jet think about them? His dour gaze sees all This is a streetwear forum; where do we talk about sneakers and flyknits?
  16. Synthese

    The Pittilogues: Pitti Uomo 87, Day 3

    The Pittilogues: Pitti Uomo 87, Day 3 HURRY UP PLEASE IT'S TIME Day 3 is another slow day. It’s mobbed - Pitti, as we may have mentioned, is packed this year - and no matter what I do I seem to feel terrible. I meet Fok in the morning, after a pitiful attempt at eating breakfast, and we walk...
  17. StyleforumRobot

    New to SW&D? Start Here! - January 19, 2015

    Hello brand new, prospective Streetwear & Denim reader! You might have wandered into our forum through Classic Menswear - perhaps aghast, yet a tiny bit intrigued by a cross-linked picture - or through a random Google search or another site sniping our great sales threads. Here's a good...
  18. Synthese

    The Pittilogues: Pitti Uomo 87, Day 2

    The Pittilogues: Pitti Uomo 87, Day 2 What shall we ever do? I hate everyone and everything when I wake up five and a half hours later. I loathe the idea of putting on shoes. I shower, and try to go back to sleep - impossible. Instead I get up and have breakfast, which is also...
  19. StyleforumRobot

    Three Denim Threads - January 18, 2015

    We don't talk a lot about raw denim these, but why not? Everyone needs a pair of raw denim in their wardrobe, no matter how evolved and esoteric your taste level has become. RRL RRL - Ralph Lauren's 'serious' line - makes some great denim, although they've recently shifted away from Japanese...
  20. StyleforumRobot

    Three Classic Menswear B&S Items You Should Buy Today - January 14, 2015

    Three Classic Menswear B&S Items You Should Buy Today Alden for Leather Soul Flex Welt Plain Toe Boot – 5.5E – $295 Yes these boots are in an atypical size, but damn if they’re you size, what a deal. Sub $300 Aldens and they aren’t some bizarre makeup or fifteen year old, beat-to-****...

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