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Taylor Stitch Cone Mills Flatout 10 oz denim shirt

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  • Material:
    Colors Available:
    Soft Casual Collar
    - Tailored fit & high armhole
    - Wear it as a shirt or an overshirt.
    - Triple needle chain stitch construction.
    - Donut buttons.
    - No pleats for clean lines.
    - Sanforized raw American denim.
    - Beat it on up.

Recent User Reviews

  1. 3dials
    "Extraordinary Value and Craftsmanship: Taylor..."
    Pros - Heirloom Quality, True to Size, Durable, Shirt Jacket
    Cons - Sleeves a bit long
    Initial Impressions
    I ordered Taylor Stitch's 10 oz indigo Cone Mills Flatout shirt (http://taylorstitch.com/products/indigo-cone-flatout).


    The denim shirts come in three colors:

    • Indigo in 10 oz denim (Cone Mills)
    • Black in 7.5 oz denim (Cone Mills)
    • Royal Blue in 7.5 oz denim (Kuroki Mills)

    I intended to get either a lighter color (royal blue) or their black denim but those were sold out in my size. So I decided to get the indigo color, and I was definitely NOT disappointed/ The indigo I ordered was heavier than the other two colors, so it serves my purpose well - as a shirt jacket of sorts.

    The cut is a little long in the sleeves, as it falls somewhere between a 33/34 (I wear a 32/33 usually). However, this length is by no means too long, as it works well as a shirt jacket. Otherwise, the cut throughout the torso, chest, and shoulders is true to size (I got the medium/40).

    The heavier weight, sanfordized denim was cool to the touch and evoked a sense of craftsmanship and durability. The brass (?) buttons military tack buttons (donut buttons as the website describes them) looked like something you'd find on a vintage shirt and had a pleasant texture to them, akin to a sunburst with thin rays radiating out. They were sturdily attached to the fabric and were easy to operate.


    Twin button flap patch chest pockets with tack button closures. Soft calfskin leather inner brand tag.

    Since I live in a warmer climate, I had anticipated using this shirt in the late fall or winter. Those of you in cooler environs will be able to make use of this article right away (such as in Taylor Stitch's hometown of San Francisco).

    Customer Service
    I had the pleasure of chatting with Kazu on Saturday afternoon about the shirts and thought, "Oh, I'll look forward to receiving my shirt some time in the next week or two." Imagine my surprise when it showed up Monday afternoon at my doorstep. Upon opening the box, I found a simple card which serves as a thank you and a return/invoice form. On it, Kazu had included a handwritten note mentionig our phone conversation on Saturday. Unexpected pleasures are surely the best ones.


    This was my first purchase with Taylor Stitch, but it was such a sublime experience that this brand has made a believer out of me.
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User Comments

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  1. 3dials
    It's fine as it is. It's not so long that it necessitated alterations. As the rest of my review said, I think it's a great shirt.
  2. a tailor
    great shirt???
    so why didnt you have the lady at the cleaners shorten them???
    so its your loss.
  3. 3dials
    Thanks- I missed the Rogue Territory ones so this is kind of my consolation prize. Not a bad one at that!
  4. lawlercon
    good review. i saw these awhile back and they look nice. my rogue territory one is the only denim shirt i'll ever need though.
  5. 3dials
    Yes, that was the one knock against them. If they could fix that, it would be perfect.
  6. knucks
    Yeah, great shirt, but I had to return mine as the sleeves are far too long :/

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