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SuitSupply Napoli

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  • This navy suit is tailored to our Napoli fit. The Napoli is an accessible fit that is slim and has a natural shoulder. This suit is understated and subtle. Combined with the super 110's quality wool fabric from the Vitale Barberis Canonico mill, which is more durable, it's ideal for more frequent wear.

Recent User Reviews

  1. JR_Rider
    "Well made workhorse suit"
    Pros - Great price, soft fabric, good fit
    Cons - Not quite that slim, functional button holes make sleeve adjustment
    I purchased this suit from their Georgetown location the Saturday they opened. I was actually looking for a chalk stripe navy suit but this seemed like a good substitute as it will be a staple in my closet. The selection of suits seems almost overwhelming at first until you realize they don't have all the suits in your size. The salesperson initially suggested I try on a 36R but I was certain that wouldn't fit, and it didn't. Upon arriving at this suit, I tried it on to make sure I liked the fit of the suit as a whole. The pants are certainly slim but not tight, which is a good thing in my opinion. The jacket however fits pretty well although I think it could use some more waist suppression. I have the sides taken in by my tailor to get the snugger fit I was looking for. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this suit to anyone looking for a great suit value.
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  1. styleforumhello
  2. suitor
    what size in this suit would you recommend for 6' 1" 36" chest, 30" waist??
  3. Southern Brit
    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site, but have an exceptional sense it's what I have been looking for. I love men's clothing, and believe I even have a fixation on men's fashion and style, so this site appears to welcome people with that kind of involvement. I've never found a site that is as inclined to discuss haberdashery topics to the extent as this one. I have great deal of information compiled over the years to share with you, and look forward to being able to receive as well. Thanks to you guys forhaving created this medium of communication for us "rag-pickers", and I look forward to sharing with you all. ; - )
  4. orbitingdc
    Fit depends a lot on body shape. I two SS suits; one Napoli and one Jort. The Napoli fits like a glove in 38 and the Jort in 40. I am 6' , 175 and normally a 40-41. Neither required much tailoring...although I am at the limit of the Napoli/38 to be honest...it's very snug. If I were not too picky I could have walked in and out with the off-the-rack fit. Of the two the Napoli probably has the cleanest lines if you are just standing around but the Jort moves much better. I feel like I could go for a run wearing it and be perfectly comfortable. :)
  5. XFactor
    Interesting. Looking for the same.
  6. Mr. Lee
    Please accept my apologies, then. Felt like it, but I am a bit testy today -- big cases I am working on (lawyer = asshole sometimes) get me that way. Peace.

  7. silvercitynyc
    Ok I'm just giving a point of reference that if you're 6'0" and a 41/42R, you will find plenty that fits in the 40R size range.

    Not ball bustin' ya, my man.
  8. Mr. Lee
    I DON'T USUALLY respond to comments on my comments but my comment accurately reflected my experience and since I have about 35 of their products, including suits, sport coats, sweaters and shirts, I felt qualified to offer an honest assessment of the facts as they pertained to my experience and that of my friend. When you are my age and/or have the depth of experience with SS as I do (as well as own as much high end clothing as I do), perhaps you will have a better "idea" than the one you seem to lack.

    Nededless to sayI find your tone off-putting but this is part of the SF experience -- guys being ballbusters.
  9. silvercitynyc
    I HAVE NO IDEA what you're talking about. I just left the Suit Supply store and everything in a 40R fit me (although in other makers I'm more like a 41/42R...). But honestly, it fits great (i'm 6'0" and as said, usually a 41/42R)
  10. Mr. Lee
    Hi, ,I have 4 SS sport coats and 5 of their suits, some bought in the SoHo store and some on-line. I am a 44R in Polo and BB and it is no easy task getting a proper fit with their stuff unless you are 6' tall and have a 38" chest . The first 44R sport coats I ordered felt like 40R's. Ended up with everything from a 46S to a 48S to a 48R. Sent back as many as I ended up keeping. Luckily, they enclose a pre-paid label with their stuff and it's packed well. Good price points no doubt. Just don't expect to walk into one of their stores and walk out with anything. I had friend who is a classic 40R go to the SoHo store all excited and they didn't have a single piece that fit him (although it was toward the end of summer.)

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